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Search results

  1. MaidenFair

    I'm a Slow Poke - Sorc and Dragons Questions

    @Lemon Wren , I went through S&D entirely on PPs. It’s a really good chapter for that! I built one of each building, checked the upgrade numbers on the Wiki, and produced exactly as much of each of the resources as I needed to get the Portal upgraded to level 4 (I actually timered through all...
  2. MaidenFair

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Personally, I don’t feed anything super consistently. Every once in a while, when I remember, I feed my Panda Bear, then pull my woefully underchaptered Storm Phoenix out of mothballs, feed both it and the Aureate Phoenix 4 times (so it lasts a full day), sparkle all my manufactories, and rake...
  3. MaidenFair

    Spell Fragments in the Spire

    I know you said most, but just for reference, I joined after the Library had been removed from the Spire to the MA, so I only have one of each building. I’ve got 191K spell fragments in one city (ch. 12) and 401K in the other (entered ch. 8 this morning). I’d really prefer a chance at diamonds...
  4. MaidenFair

    My Beautiful City

    This little quarter of my city makes me happy.
  5. MaidenFair

    Orcs after Elementals chapter

    Just for the record… :D The highest possible armory level in Ch.16 is 37. According to ElvenArchitect’s per-square calculator: The Orc Nests are about 6% more efficient and that’s before taking into account that the armory also requires 6,603 population and 20,488 culture available to place...
  6. MaidenFair

    Discussion The Cauldron - Discussion Thread

    I appreciate you taking the time to share your math, but I'm really confused by this post because I'm pretty sure my example above does exactly what you're saying. Each effect already has some ingredients that cancel it out, a negative contribution if you will, allowing the possibility of...
  7. MaidenFair

    Discussion The Cauldron - Discussion Thread

    Um, they already work that way, unless I’m misunderstanding you…at least for the first seven diplomas (all I’ve worked through yet), the four ingredients that trigger an effect are immediately followed by three that cancel it, in various ratios. Example: the very first effect, Magical Tax...
  8. MaidenFair

    Discussion Season of Dreams Discussion Thread

    I love my Citadel! When I got it in chapter 10, it gave me orcs, mana, and largish amounts of all three T1 (in addition to the troops which are nice for quests, and the population and culture). Now that I've upgraded some of the pieces into 12, I'm getting S1 from it, almost as much as I'd get...
  9. MaidenFair

    Discussion The Cauldron - Discussion Thread

    I have a lot of notes I’ve taken on the Cauldron so far and some really useful patterns I’ve noticed but I’m still trying to figure out how to condense and synthesize all the info into a form that’s useable for anyone else… Yes, as far as I can tell, recipes need to be diploma-specific, not...
  10. MaidenFair

    To build them all or not to build. Ancient Wonders

    I agree the GA is good but this is where the play style comes in, because technically for my city, the GA is actually not the most efficient pop/square option. I’m in chapter 12, but I have a low working population because I’m a caterer and I use a lot of event buildings. At level 28, my GA only...
  11. MaidenFair

    Crowdsourcing changes to Enar's embassy?

    19:52 for a Very Easy province (which is all I have at the moment). I think it was closer to 24 hrs before I finished the Advanced Scouts at the beginning of ch. 12.
  12. MaidenFair

    Crowdsourcing changes to Enar's embassy?

    @Alram, I'm sorry I never got back to you on this. I still don't have all the calculations I was intending to have, but here's the breakdown for my chapter. I just entered Chapter 12, so the best mana building I have access to in the regular build menu is Grapevines. They produce 600 in 6 hours...
  13. MaidenFair

    How to set up a graph of the Dwarves Chapter VI Portal and Mines

    How's this, @FairyInBellbottoms? https://www.elvenarchitect.com/city/planner/39e8ca9273fd40fe89cc078203b21c3f/ I don't know if it's the most elegant solution, but it fits all the buildings you wanted in only 6 expansions. :D
  14. MaidenFair

    How to set up a graph of the Dwarves Chapter VI Portal and Mines

    You’re welcome! There are many players on the forum much better at setting up city layouts than I am, but I’m happy to help when I can. :) The graph is currently set so that if you tipped the square up on point by turning it clockwise, it would match your city. And yes, the Portal has to be next...
  15. MaidenFair

    How to set up a graph of the Dwarves Chapter VI Portal and Mines

    Sure, that works fine! If you want to save a little space, you could also arrange it like this and save one whole expansion: https://www.elvenarchitect.com/city/planner/e45d8ce826084a04baf39a234c62e2b4/ If you don't mind putting the expansions in a different arrangement (I don't know if you...
  16. MaidenFair

    How to set up a graph of the Dwarves Chapter VI Portal and Mines

    If you don’t want to break out the graph paper and a pencil, I suggest ElvenAchitect. ;) You can load the current arrangement of your city into it from Elven Stats (search your username, then use the button below the graphs that says something like “open city in ElvenArchitect”) or just open a...
  17. MaidenFair

    Discussion Season of Dreams Discussion Thread

    *off-topic* Armories are actually almost the worst orc producers by square in each chapter, even before you factor in all the population and culture they require. Focusing on event buildings that give orcs is a much better strategy than building otherwise unneeded armories. Back on the Season...
  18. MaidenFair

    Discussion Season of Dreams Discussion Thread

    “City Treasure” means the event currency around the edges of the city. :)
  19. MaidenFair

    Discussion Season of Dreams Discussion Thread

    I agree it’s not ideal. Hope you find a workaround, or don’t get any more of those quests!
  20. MaidenFair

    Discussion Season of Dreams Discussion Thread

    I’m a full-time caterer too, Lisa, but I can usually manage these types of quests because a few of the event sets give troops as well as lots of goods. Both the Forbidden Ruins and the Dwarven Citadel sets are well worth their space in my city for catering purposes, but also provide decent...