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Search results

  1. Magic houses

    What would it hurt to change that?
  2. Magic houses

    Why wouldn't you be able to add it to inventory? Prizes you win through events, crafting, and everything else go to inventory. If you purchase it it's yours. If there's not room, into inventory it goes. Makes sense to me.
  3. #1 Player on Harandar is leaving(for now, or forever)

    I'm probably a little above average in my city build. I'm ranked #19 in F world, have 269 aw levels (which is on the low side for where I'm at I think). I have however bought every premium expansion up to chapter 17. Now I can buy premium expansions and not place the ones earned through the...
  4. An Elvenar Caption Contest

    Oh my, I didn't expect to win, thank-you so much! I can't find a picture to post would someone else mind posting one for me? I vote Yogi Dave since I liked his better if he doesn't mind? Thanks AtaguS. I see so many cute names in this game and think why didn't I think of that! There are...
  5. An Elvenar Caption Contest

    Tell St. Michael his shipment of harps is on the way
  6. Tournament Changes - Community Feedback and Data

    I hate, hate, hate the new (not so new now) tournament system. For the very first time I am seriously considering quiting the game. I don't mind a challenge but when you make a part of the game almost un-playable for a portion of players how is that fair? I keep doing my 20 providences per...
  7. players leaving

    They need to give me a guest race I want to stay in. The last few have been boring. I did not want pirates in my city. What happened to the fantasy in a fantasy builder game? They used to give us small cultural buildings with the guest races. What happened to them? Now we get one or two...
  8. Hi, Newbie here. Lots of questions.

    Mykan has an excellent guide here on the forum. https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/mykans-guide-to-elvenar.3966/ I used it quite a bit when starting out. Welcome to the game and forum.
  9. You might be obsessed with Elvenar if...

    When you see a weather emblem for partly cloudy skies and instantly your city culture comes to mind. :p
  10. Discussion Tournament Changes

    For me the biggest change to the tournament is it's no fun anymore. It's sad to see something I enjoyed so much become such a struggle. Something that I really looked forward to each week has now become something I dread.
  11. Discussion Chapter 16 Embassies

    I love the color of the level 37 residences. I was really kinda' dreading upgrading them and looking at brown again so thanks ino for the nice change! They're very pretty and add nice color to my city. :)
  12. Discussion Autumn Zodiac Event Feedback

    First ever event I'm not playing. The daily prizes are just a repeat of the previous fall event and if I don't already have them I don't want them. The grand prizes are another building I have to craft pet food for - yay? The quests are just ridiculous. I normally don't mind spending a...
  13. Move Pet Food Recipe to Production Panel

    I like this idea. Although I haven't had any problems keeping plenty ahead I can see a time coming when that won't always be the case.
  14. Ugrading Premium Items

    I would like to able to upgrade some of the premium items. For example I love the Mysterious Gateway and the Elder Dragon Oracle but they are just not efficient in my Constructs town. If they could be upgraded to the comparative value of culture items similar to where I am I would love to have...
  15. Mobile Visits Not Recording?

    I have had it happen. Not enough that I thought it worth reporting but visits I have done in the morning I have had to re-do later when noticing they visited me back and it wasn't showing.
  16. Level 27 Fairy Silk Manufactory

    I agree. I have the purple gems mfg. and can't wait to get the blue butterflies next to it. I love the graphics in this game.
  17. [16560] Chat box not working?

    I have not had chat access for over three months. I was told to watch for updates to fix the problem but there have been at least 3 since then so obviously this is not a big enough problem for Inno to be concerned about (at least I hope it's not because nobody can figure it out). I am so ready...
  18. Instants Arrived

  19. Instants Arrived

    I got them in one world but not the other two. Logged out and back in, still not there. Anyone know if we're getting them in all our worlds or not?