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Search results

  1. Complete September contest - 1 week only!

    7, 13, 21, 33, 44
  2. Scenery

    I just noticed mine @1PM EST. I like it!
  3. Help Questions about joining a FS

    Crackie I have no mention of Fellowship in my tree. I checked through chapter 10 (or so) and there is nothing there. Maybe it's mobile vs PC?
  4. Help Questions about joining a FS

    I play on mobile and have always been able to browse the FS button if that's what you mean.
  5. Help Questions about joining a FS

    I play on mobile and have always been able to browse the FS button if that's what you mean.
  6. Help Questions about joining a FS

    Thanks everyone especially to Gath of Baal. Without his guide to Elvenar speak I would be totally lost. I have to look up these abbreviations every other sentence. So thank you Gath and everyone else.
  7. Help Questions about joining a FS

    Thank you
  8. Help Questions about joining a FS

    I am really new having never played a game like this before. I have been gathering information from the forum and think I am ready to join a FS. I read the FS blurbs in the world explaining the requirements and get the gist but have a few questions. I am playing in 3 cities, (Sin, Elcyand...
  9. Help Forum / Game - Abbreviations, Slang, Confusing Terms Guide And FAQ

    Thanks for sharing your awesome knowledge
  10. Help. Another newbie ?

    Thanks everyone. I did read about disenchantment but promptly forgot about it as I had no idea what they were talking about. I am working in level 2 and so far have been concentrating on making my city pretty. I have two cities going, one in Sinya which was my first and second in Ceravyn. I am...
  11. Help. Another newbie ?

    I`m sure this is here somewhere but the fairy queen is giving me lots of duplicates. What do I do with them? Keep them in inventory or disenchant them? And what does disenchant do? It doesn't seem like a good idea to just try it. Thanks for help in advance. You guys are the best!
  12. Hello Hi everyone

    Thanks. I'm just plugging along doing the quests and rearranging my city.
  13. Hello Hi everyone

    You understood but I pushed evolve with no clue as to what that means. Then I hit it again. It's been going for 5 hours now with what looks like 3 to go. Good thing I don't need right away.
  14. Hello Hi everyone

    Thanks. Another ?, the fairy queen resort. Do I need to upgrade b4 evolving? It's evolving now and I am not sure if that will screw up the upgrade. I 'm just bumbling along.
  15. Hello Hi everyone

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. As promised I have some questions. 1. Helping hands. Does this cost anything to help and if so how do I find it? 2. If someone helps me but they are to far away for me to help will they be mad? 3. I saw a pop-up message that said you could fin chests on the...
  16. Hello Hi everyone

    Brand new player with so many questions. Where's the best place to ask really newbie questions and not annoy everyone. Glad to be here and thanks in advance for your help.