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Search results

  1. Cauldrons 101

    There is an X on the black cauldron that lets you remove 1 ingredient at a time, the last one you put in and then continues back through the ingredients added.
  2. Cauldrons 101

    Yes, please simplify anything you can, I agree that all this High Math is scaring players away from the Cauldron! Many feel like they need a PhD to figure it out!
  3. Cauldrons 101

    Thanks for all the work you have put into this but it is all Greek to most players. If you audience is the Math Gurus on the Forum then you have hit a home run! But this in no way resembles "Cauldron 101".
  4. News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Not Surprising, Inno always likes to move the Goal Post!
  5. News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    All the more reason to have a bunch of Alts!
  6. News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Well, now you can bake a cake and get 1,000 Diamonds back!! LOL
  7. Poaching of players should be banned

    This is exactly it! Too many players want to be an Archmage with no leadership skills, they just want the title. Then they are mad when their players leave for a better run FS! That's why there are waaay too many FSs and not enough players to fill them.
  8. Poaching of players should be banned

    Who put the extra spicy jalapenos in @Darielle !!! LOL!
  9. Poaching of players should be banned

    You are the perfect example of "you can not steal a player", if a player is happy with a FS they will not leave!
  10. Poaching of players should be banned

    If you said no then the messaging should have stopped and if it didn't you should have blocked that player from messaging you...repeatedly asking is not ok and is borderline harassment.
  11. Poaching of players should be banned

    I would suggest you figure out how to get your FS full of players ASAP! When people go "looking" they look at FSs that aren't full or have inactive players, so your FS is a prime target right now. The next thing I would suggest is having a FS where all members' opinions are valued, that will...
  12. Poaching of players should be banned

    I think many are not listening to the majority of players that have commented on this thread....You Can Not Steal A Player! If a player is "happy" they will not leave their FS no matter what the extra prizes will be. Players leave because they are "not happy" where they are, for what ever reason.
  13. Poaching of players should be banned

    If it wasn't that FS, it would be another FS. There are just too many FS and not enough players to fill them all.
  14. Poaching of players should be banned

    Maybe you should try to merge with another FS. The player shortage is a direct result of there being too many FSs.
  15. Poaching of players should be banned

    That player of in your FS did choose, they chose to go to the other FS. You will never stop this from happening, so you must figure out how to play around it, it's a part of the game. Inno, apparently thinks it's ethical seeing they purposely allow it. It's no different than real life in the job...
  16. Poaching of players should be banned

    Players are not owned and will not leave a FS that they really like. The developers have made this a game mechanic because they want it to be in the game. So players will never be banned for this, run your FS accordingly.
  17. Starting a racing city!

    The Anthill has the corner of the Forum Market now, 10+ frequent Forum posters are in that FS.
  18. Discussion The Cauldron - Discussion Thread

    That rules out all players since Inno made the Moonstone Library Set a limit of one set. And many more players that didn't get more than a few sets before the change.
  19. New City

    The straight answer is, any world will be fine. All the worlds have good FSs.
  20. New City

    Shouldn't they have a black inactive triangle next to the name?