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  1. Ash Splinterwood

    Discussion Chapter 1-5 Adjustments

    (1st post started on wrong thread) Really don't like the new tech tree. What is a new player's motivation to join a fellowship if not fellowship rewards/reward chests from the Spire/Tournament? It is going to be hard to lure new players into joining Fellowships. It will result in a bunch of...
  2. Ash Splinterwood

    when does Spire start

    Would you know if there is an easy way to move a post or just copy and paste? Done, copied & pasted to appropriate thread. Will delete on this thread because it is off topic.
  3. Ash Splinterwood

    when does Spire start

    Thank you for the redirect.
  4. Ash Splinterwood

    Looking for new FS

    In case you don't know about it. Elvenstats is useful for screening fellowships and its members before you join.
  5. Ash Splinterwood

    Looking for new FS

    Thanks, but no. I am happy with my current activity level. I think it is a good match with rest of the fellowship.
  6. Ash Splinterwood

    Looking for new FS

    This advice keeps coming up. But it seems to be a "in a perfect world" scenario. I'd say count your blessings if your city is in a fellowship/neighborhood where this is reliable. In my cities (lower chapter), I produce unboosted goods. Because neighborhood trading zones and fellowships are...
  7. Ash Splinterwood

    Fellowship Adventure "Pooling" of items for badges

    Sounds like a good Fellowship Perk, FA Badge Sharing? At the end (IDK the last 3 hours) of the FA everybody dumps left over badges into a shared Recycle Bin. The FS (Archmage or Mage?) would get broken badges back that can be combined into instant time boosters, because by that time in the FA...
  8. Ash Splinterwood

    Building inventory

    The addition of a filter feature to the Building tab within the Spell Inventory user interface. The filter option would function similar to the current buttons within the (mobile) notification tab, but with different icons. A possible look below. Filtering would allow buildings to be...
  9. Ash Splinterwood

    Improve game's message editor?

    I'm pretty sure you can put lists into messages. Because, I receive weekly messages from the Archmage recognizing the weeks high point earners along with a Fellowship report generated by Elvenstats. Group chat however has a room for improvement.
  10. Ash Splinterwood

    Fellowship Spire tab

    Think this one is ready to be put to a 14 day poll? But Memorial Day is coming up; is a holiday weekend a good or bad for voter participation? How do you forward it to our moderator, Helya the Helpful?
  11. Ash Splinterwood

    Second archmage

    Nice to know there good stable FSs out there. Hope your AM gets to return and enjoy the FS she built. Good leadership, that is AMs & Mages, really does make or break a FS, IMHO. The Forum and Wiki can help, but you have to know enough about the game to ask the right questions which newbies...
  12. Ash Splinterwood

    Second archmage

    A good Archimage(AM) and mages could get poached if a FS got whiny & disfunctional enough. I've seen it in FS chat where someone joins just to recruit and then leaves and goes back to their home FS. I would think a bigger and more common problem would be an AM that goes totally inactive...
  13. Ash Splinterwood

    Discussion 2021 Winter Magic discussion

    Quests with encounters should have alternates (4 encounters or 4?) for when both the Tournament and Spire are closed. As my city is already overscouted. Winter Magic forces me to choose between more overscouting or skipping a few days a week and probably not finishing all 99 quests.
  14. Ash Splinterwood

    Purchase extra production slots

    Would certainly impact the Fellowship Adventure badge quests. Somewhere on the Forum read about cleaning up FA slums of lvl1 production bldgs now that FA is over. FA already by the qty of bldgs producing goods not qty of goods produced. Someone using production bldgs w extra slots would start...
  15. Ash Splinterwood

    Make battlefield layout visible on mobile app

    Would really like to see battle preview in mobile. Over a year old? I vote to (poke them again) ask nicely where it is on the 2do list.
  16. Ash Splinterwood

    World map Centers

    Mobile player, can't wander around map visiting unscouted/discovered provinces. But each hex on the world map has to have a unique id# of some kind. If there was an info button that displayed your city's hex id#, it should be fairly easy to find the map center or where your city got moved...
  17. Ash Splinterwood

    Name of the Current World

    I know voting on this thread is closed. Has any every proposed/campaigned for longer city names (> current 25 character limit) because city names are used in game to post NH preferences and away status? Ppl like to customize things. Just drive down the road and count vanity plates on cars.
  18. Ash Splinterwood

    Spending Coins

    Everybody loves a bargain and I am always happy spend less. But if more or cheaper stuff means having to watch ads, my vote is to keep it the way it is now (no ads!). If it ain't broke don't try to "fix" it.
  19. Ash Splinterwood

    Moving Day

    Kinda of a newbie (chptr4) that got moved early on. Email from support said something about trading activity and the new area did have better trading partners. But to keep from loosing my trading partners again I joined a good fellowship (which took a couple tries that was before I found...