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  1. Astram

    Cauldrons 101

    I moved the redacted posts out to a separate thread.
  2. Astram

    redacted posts

    @Dew Spinner and @Deborah M OK, enough from both of you. You need to step away and stop interacting. This will be the only warning either of you gets. There is no call for back-and-forth bickering. I am not picking any side here, just saying STOP.
  3. Astram

    Locking threads

    And so do we, and we have rules to follow, notwithstanding our personal feelings. Also, As stated, the forum software is part of the issue, which is also out of our control. INNO makes the rules, and we must follow them or stop helping.
  4. Astram

    Not a Bug No Crafting Icon

    New glasses, maybe, ... no really, it sounds like the image was not available or D/L or corrupt... but glad it is working
  5. Astram

    Orc question - when to stop producing them

    AJ, you are correct in a strict definition sense that there is a point when you have enough or that conditions exist that you do not need to make more. However, The few players that will meet these conditions already know this and would not be in the forums to ask and verify this. As such, I...
  6. Astram

    Not a Bug Windows version sets off Threat Detection - Can't type

    Just checked my Opera, Opera GX, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox and all loaded fine. And for good measure on my mac I tried Safari and all good
  7. Astram

    Map issues

    Not a bug and moved to general discussions
  8. Astram

    Orc question - when to stop producing them

    I don't like making absolute statements as for some 2 Mill might be enough.
  9. Astram

    Orc question - when to stop producing them

    Never? As you progress through the game you will need Orcs for many things. It is possible to get them from Event and Evolving buildings and then you don't have to use resources to "make" them in your armories.
  10. Astram

    Welcome CMs

    As they already have their own Games to manage and were willing to step in and pinch-hit, we should not expect more from them. Also, as I have been told, all the Forums operate with the same rules and "forum code," so any change needs to be made to all.
  11. Astram

    Welcome CMs

    Katwick, not the appropriate place for requests.
  12. Astram

    Help Workaround a Quest

    AJ, while I understand your issue and agree with your plight, the quest is not "impossible," just tricky in your case. Please consider editing your title to reflect this.
  13. Astram

    Hello First forum thread

    Welcome and glad you found us.
  14. Astram

    Poaching of players should be banned

    If I may interject here, have you tried to send the AM of the offending FS that is trying to poach a Message asking them/their players to stop?
  15. Astram

    Fixed I get an error each time I try to expel a member from the Fellowship or try to change their rank.

    Support has elevated the issue to the CM Group. That is all the update I can offer on this. I will leave this open in case others come across this issue..
  16. Astram

    Count to 15 Before a Moderator Posts

  17. Astram

    Reported Return of the repeatable quests!

    I will endeavor to find out if this a bug that has been reported
  18. Astram

    Elegy Written in an (Forum) Graveyard

    moving to the lounge
  19. Astram

    Not a Bug Season of Dreams - display error

    ok I will let this one pass away
  20. Astram

    Not a Bug Season of Dreams - display error

    I misunderstood and have moved this to a unique bug issue.