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Search results

  1. Discussion Chapter 2 to 5 Adjustments

    I'm a bit confused by the dating in this announcement ... After the summer FSA (the one before the one that just ended that surprised everyone with higher coin requirements) a friend created a new account and city. This past week, 10/18 to be exact, they finally had enough KP to complete the...
  2. Helping the Small to Medium players get blue prints

    Two things to keep in mind... 1) The recent changes made to the Research Tree by Inno, now prevent the 'new' player from even participating in Tournaments until they are in Chapter IV peering with the City Expansion 11. Spire does not appear until Chapter V. So, small/medium players now are...
  3. Complete September contest - 1 week only!

    21, 15, 63, 82, 91
  4. Neighborly Help - what triggers Supply reward?

    I have noticed when doing NH in my 4 cities that some neighbors result in both Gold and Supply rewards but most are just gold. What triggers the ability to get supplies as well? IS it related to my Culture numbers or just luck or based on regular interaction with someone's town? I'm at level 3
  5. Spot of Whispering Trees

    Also note that the Culture buildings and your Builder Hut do *not* require a nearby road, so placing them on a 'spur' of land expansion keeps them out of the premium real estate.
  6. Donating coins to main hall

    When you first start out in the game, the Main Hall or the Builder Hut are the only possible targets. Once you research and build the Flying Boat or Whispering Trees then getting that boosted becomes more important. The game is fairly well balanced and you need to be flexible/alert enough to...
  7. Teleport Building Question

    Three are stage II one is stage III. I get it, I need the little blue upgrade things that are expensive ... I assume from the response that the Teleport does not affect the building level at all, it is what it is when it was removed to storage. I don't recall the wiki showing the options per...
  8. Teleport Building Question

    I am also in Chapter 3 and recently participated in the Donkeyfest Event. When I placed my Excavation Site building (the one you evolve with the winnings of the event exploration) I noticed that I got a choice of a T1 resource in one town and only Gold/Supplies in the other three towns. When one...
  9. What is this? Something new?

    Sadly, the new bug bit me as well this morning. Was unable to set production after taking delivery on my Silk Mfgs. Esc key returned me to page (the 'freeze' dimmed the town map). I checked my internet connection (as the PC was acting like the mobile with poor connection) and it was fine. I then...
  10. Mobil Emulator ??

    It is not clear from the BlueStack website: The cost difference between BlueStack 5 and BlueStack using the cloud (5 allows play locally)? Since almost all mobile platforms have touch screens, how it the emulator managing that on a conventional PC with mouse/keyboard controls and a non-touch...
  11. Balancing goods in an unbalanced world

    Personally, I work at 3-3-3-3-3-9 shift. I have used the last two contests (only ones since I started playing) as a 'measure' of success/balance in town design. During the events, there are few resources left over for town growth as most resources are used to fulfil event quests. As a result I...
  12. Balancing goods in an unbalanced world

    Some of the 'Guides' suggest having 8 manufacturing buildings for each of your primary goods. At lower level, depending on your primary goods, that can be a space management problem as well. When at higher levels (above 3) is the volume of output sufficient for Spire and Tournaments? Or is the...
  13. Tax Collection

    Thanks for the feedback. It seems the approach for mobile is poke the coin at the end residence, then slide the finger over the row and then release. If you just 'swipe' you'll pan. The 'poke' is more a point and hold until the game knows you want to start here...
  14. Spell Fragment Hunting - again

    I've been very frugal with my 'free' diamonds .... but I took your advice, spent the 250 and upgraded the MA and yes, the doubling of the fragment drop rate was worth it. Thanks!
  15. Forum Contest?

    I got a message that one of my posts were edited to add a rune 'for the Forum Contest'. I looked in announcements and General and did not see an obvious thread announcing a Forum Contest. Where are the details?
  16. Spell Fragment Hunting - again

    New contest, going along nicely until I get to step 66c ... 800 Spell Fragments. I look at my limited stock of spells and most give me 15 or so Fragments if I disenchant them (meaning I would need to do it a lot and have nothing left). The prize building is worth 600, but what would be the point...
  17. Tax Collection

    [Cough] On Mobile swiping pans the view more often than it actually harvests the gold. It works in theory if you are lucky. My Kingdom for a Scroll/Pan Lock mechanism on Mobile ...
  18. Buried City Live Q&A Bingo

    O 5 Apologies for providing no visual feedback or clarifying message on Mobile when poking a tool Dragging a tool to use it was not intuitive ...
  19. Buried Treasure Event Mechanics

    So, I went to the General Forums and watched a demo video (someone with waaaay to many provisions to start) and saw that the *DRAG* the tool to use it. Not what I expected, obviously.
  20. Buried Treasure Event Mechanics

    I'm puzzled trying to determine how I can 'grab' a tool to clear a square. By default we all get 3 shovels. When I poke at it on mobile, there is no indication that it becomes active before I try to poke the slightly exposed square/tile. I've done enough daily quests in the event to buy a set of...