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Search results

  1. Does Selling AWs Decrease Battle Difficulty?

    in my opinion, the only reasonable way to decrease your cost, should be making your city smaller or decreasing the amount of your base boost relics, destroying wonders (progression) is a very bad idea for any game. Sadly its the only possible way to do it, as removing expansions isnt possible...
  2. I get an error each time I try to expel a member from the Fellowship or try to change their rank.

    its already reported on other forums as well, see ONYX-43600
  3. Is there a maximum possible culture bonus?

    most likely, this player built Lighthouse of Good Neighborhood, and then trashed it again (to get the broken runeshards available again). A lvl 1 neighbourhood, will give you 6% bonus from EE instead of 5, so that 114 would mean 19 buffs with the improved spell. And to reply to the thread...
  4. Discussion The Cauldron - Discussion Thread

    thats how i see it at the moment as well. I currently have 17 unlocked (out of 20 possible) and don't think i will ever go for more. Next beneficial one is at 22, so at least a year away :) also its impossible to level too many of the buffs to max anyway.
  5. Crowdsourcing changes to Enar's embassy?

    how about we make it reduce the amount of broken shards needed to make a new runeshard out of it. This way its in the same category of use, but a lot more appealing. Personally the broken runeshards are not very usefull very long, sooner or later you will loose out on broken shards because your...
  6. Going past chapter 16!?

    Aah, i decided the same months ago. I was able to just (not) finish chapter 19 when 20 hit. I can tell you, traders was an ok chapter, team spirit, was dreadfully long, exile is normal again, and music is crazy fast :). EDIT: or was it trades who was dreadfully long, i can't really remember...
  7. Temple of Veneration

    i learned this lesson the hard way a few year ago as well. (different chapter tho i think). In my opinion as a developer, its not that hard to make cancelling a build the same as cancelling an upgrade, but as a developer i also understand its not worth the development time to change this :)
  8. Magic houses

    well they are kind of free, but in a different way. placing those wont increase the prize of your next diamond expansions. So you could kinda say, if you intend to get all diamond expansions, you got the 6 most expensive ones for free. So basically you save yourself 103.5K diamonds. At the...
  9. Magic houses

    exactly what i was gonna suggest as well. theres no point in buying something with diamonds if your only intend to keep it in your inventory anyway. So either sell something else or put something else in inventory first, before you buy it.
  10. 3 hour option?

    it can also be T4, I think. I believe thats why they changed the wording.
  11. Manufactory Math With a Surprising Conclusion

    Im sorry theres too much text to read, so ive skimmed most of it. But i have 1 question, is the "lvl 15/16 factories are the most effecient" the one still true, or did you end up with a different suprising conclusion? (the max level before the size changes in dwarf chapter)
  12. Legislation against the Shanty Town Season in Elvenar Cities

    i love it too, but. you know it will result in exploits in another way, for example chapter 3/4 citys, with a huge city layout, who then dont need much production (relatively speaking) for the badges, making them a huge badge production city. A bit like bracelets are very easy now already as...
  13. Return to Top

    i was actually like that before, and hey modified it upon popular request of playerbase, so you stay on your current page. I think its a major improvement that you do.
  14. Beginning Chapters

    i remember it being slow as well. untill i found out about quest cycling. after that i always had much coins and hammers and could just buy good from wholesaleman. Those goods were then used to cater extra provincies on map (that were already at hard). Which lead to more space in the city, thus...
  15. One Thing

    I think the one thing that bothers me most and has its effect in almost every aspect of the game: the focus of inno on new players only, because they are big spenders, which leads to many people quitting midway. the new players are only the big spenders because there is no incentive for newer...
  16. Tournament Changes

    just curious, how do you know that? did you guys do a survey or something else? I hope you don't take the forum as a base for this statement. Because many players have expressed their malcontent about pervious changes lots of time on the forum, only to see it get ignored or not even...
  17. The Spire Wizard for Elvenar

    Can I/we get more detail about this. I know the old spire advisor and I can't figure out a single line in rule #5 it would be breaking. Not that i have any ambition to make something like that, just wondering. I know its easy for inno to just add something to rule #5 so it would be breaking the...
  18. Elvarian Games discussion

    my personal opinion, yes definatly you should keep scouting those, especially if you are in chapter 2. Your squad size will double very fast from what you have now, making those very hard provinces suddenly very easy or easy. Also in chapter 2, a few extra provinces completed give you an extra...
  19. Elvarian Games discussion

    arent we still getting those ferris wheels from events?
  20. Battle change

    now you got me doubting as well :) Im thinking you do less damage to the enemy if your against the odds, meaning more enemy units survive which do more damage back to your units. But if its % wise, that wouldnt make much difference i guess. not sure anymore now :) Feels harder at least guess...