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Search results

  1. Hello Hi all

    Thank you for the tips. I will start looking. Again I am very grateful for your help. :)
  2. Hello Hi all

    Even though I have read through many posts I have not introduced myself. I have been playing for about 2 years and love this game. Being overzealous in the beginning started in many worlds then had to back track and decide what I had the time to play. So I chose my 2 best worlds Harandar and...
  3. REBELS - Rad and Reliable players join us!

    If you and your reliable players would want to join us in ANTEDILUVIAN we have room for you. We do 10 chests weekly, silver or gold every week on Spire and do the Adventure. All of our players are active and we work together well as a team. Just pop me a note Sparklemunchica and let me know...
  4. ANTEDILUVIAN Recruiting

    If you are looking for a FS that does 10+ chest tourney, gold and silver Spire and all 3 maps in Adventure you need to join us. All of our members are active and striveto receive all the rewards possible. We are great at working together to help each other with trades and knowledge. We...
  5. Opening in ANTEDILUVIAN

    We have openings in Antediluvian. We are an active group. We are a 10 chest weekly Fellowship. We love the challenge of the Tourney and the Spire. We also love the Fellowship Adventure and strive to complete and score high. By doing this we grow and reap many rewards. If you like to grow...
  6. Closed | Contact Support Game Won't Load

    Can't get game up on Chrome or Foxfire either. This happened on Chrome months ago and I switched over to foxfire but now nothing on any browser. This happened after update this morning I updated my graphic card driver and now I'm good.