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Search results

  1. I enjoy fighting in the Spire now

    I used to give up on the spire after the resources exceeded the number of slots. I should have stuck with it. Since getting to the top for the first time, I have only missed once. I won a Dwarven Armorer on the final chest last week. If you want diamonds, you gotta roll the dice, and it will pay...
  2. Wildcard Instant would work with any Evolving building

    Of course, this would be very highly desirable, and justify additional effort to obtain, but I think everybody has one evolving building that could use one. It could be limited to just ONE per user to make sure of its value and scarcity. ~Star
  3. Considering Spire Completion "Giant 'Ta-Da'"

    I wish they had not expanded on the original idea to do a simple TA-DA! Once that was done, and everyone was reassured nothing else broke, they could embellish it.
  4. Considering Spire Completion "Giant 'Ta-Da'"

    The pop-ups can disappear after a few seconds like many other notifications in the game.
  5. Put the Snowman to work!

    Plant a hidden Sorcerer's Document under the Snowman. It could be 1-3 or even more, but it only lasts a while, unlike the rest. If you miss it, you get a message to try again later. Then make him roll around a bit.
  6. Funneling under-produced resources out of your Fellowship...

    It is not always co-operative. This player places ONE KP on every AW in my FS, but due to a qiirky quota system, effectively blocks anyone from doing the same. If I could block her, I would. This is not in the spirit of co-operation at all. She's a squatter. ~Star
  7. Discussion The Cauldron - Discussion Thread

    I think it could have been a little more confusing. Keep at it!!!
  8. How does someone 'lock' every AW in their city so nobody can contribute?

    Obscured, and thanks. Yes, it is a free KP, but it is not worth a lot. ~Star
  9. How does someone 'lock' every AW in their city so nobody can contribute?

    The AWs are connected. You might be right about the balance. She only places a single point when she visits. None of us like it. ~Star
  10. How does someone 'lock' every AW in their city so nobody can contribute?

    There is a certain player that has managed to prevent anybody from contributing to any of her AWs. At the same time, she trolls all our cities, placing a single KP on every AW. This seems inherently unfair. I asked support for help, but they just shrugged. She is not a novice player. She knows...
  11. Back after two years - my old FS is gone

    Former Wild Azure custodian - we placed 25th once in a FSA. I can play most of the tourneys, adventures, and spire. Looking for a nice group to play with. ~Star