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  1. Sweetp

    Cauldron not working

    @Iyapo https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/problem-with-the-cauldron.37075/
  2. Sweetp

    Cauldron not working

    @Mordea The Cauldron is experiencing issues for many players. The developers have been informed and they are working to resolve the issue. Both tickets you turned in were responded to. In the future when you turn in a ticket to support please do not bring the issue to the forum. Thank you
  3. Sweetp

    Reported Update Elvanar Error/Issue?

    After speaking with the CM of Beta, for unknown reasons not all mobile devices were updated at once. We are sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused. You can expect the situation to be resolved by the week of the 15th. If you still experience this issue after next weeks end, please...
  4. Sweetp

    New Game Features Condense the spire from 48 to 12 encounters.

    Ok people, enough with the "fake news" And enough with the reports regarding it. The phrase can be interpreted obviously in many ways and some have taken offense, so it stops here. @mucksterme you have the option to delete your post or I will, whether it be a joke or not, others don't see it as...
  5. Sweetp

    Mama Juul's Fusion Feast

    I was informed by CM beta they are 10% If you somehow find that differently, please don't shoot the messenger ;)
  6. Sweetp

    Mama Juul's Fusion Feast

    I haven't yet found an answer that I would say is correct, as so far there are various answers. But I'm checking on it and if there's a for sure answer, I will post it.
  7. Sweetp

    Reported Is this a bug on the new event?

    Thank you @Darielle for sending support this information
  8. Sweetp

    When are they ever discovered?

    @Blindsider66 "Discovered" refers to players you have reached on the world map, i.e. you have scouted at least one of the provinces next to their city. You can only give NH only to players you have discovered. Note that it doesn't matter if the other player has discovered you as well...
  9. Sweetp

    Frustrated and need help.

    @Kingdom of Kathbeth If you have opened up a ticket and you are discussing this with Support please refrain from bringing the issue to the Forum. Support will handle your issue in the best possible way they can.
  10. Sweetp

    Close Where do I find the Guidelines for Posting Art?

    Artist rules and guidelines are posted in the Artist Corner
  11. Sweetp

    Artist Corner Rules Updated

    Please make sure you read the updated guidelines in the Artist Corner prior to posting Thank you ~
  12. Sweetp

    Not a Bug zoom feature very erratic

    According to the information we have received, players need the browser set to 100% and then use your mouse wheel for in and out , or Ctrl- + or - .
  13. Sweetp

    stream errors and general performance 4.22

    Nothing's been reported so far this morning @defiantoneks
  14. Sweetp

    Other Spire - Let players choose between regular prize or spell fragments.

    Rewards in the chests are still randomized in the Spire of Eternity, so you will not see the same from the boss chests especially week to week .
  15. Sweetp

    Other Spire - Let players choose between regular prize or spell fragments.

    Please be kind to each other in your postings. Respect each other's opinions and stop attacking each other. We watch the forum closely and do not need anymore reports regarding this topic or it will be removed and further action taken to all parties involved.
  16. Sweetp

    Contest Discussion Thread

    CONTEST RESULTS Thank you to all who entered!!
  17. Sweetp

    Cake contest corrected winners

    The results of the contest according to the cut off guidelines as of April 5th are as follows: 1st. 1500 diamonds. Queen of Snacks 2nd 1000 diamonds. Darielle 3rd. 500 diamonds. CLR77 Thank you to all who entered. Please submit a ticket to Support to claim your prize. Again I do...
  18. Sweetp

    Count to 15 Before a Moderator Posts