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Search results

  1. David Dragonsage

    Looking for a Friendly New Home?

    With a further retirement pending, we will have two vacancies following the completion of the current FA.
  2. David Dragonsage

    Has Inno finally lost the plot?

    What you say makes complete sense to me, Dave. I was not aware of the layoffs, but it was easy to find in Google. It appears that they are taking some care to look after the "surplus" employees. Having been through "down-sizing" several times in my career, it is a painful and very disruptive...
  3. David Dragonsage

    Several Questions

    Thanks so much for this tip AJ! :) I have been doing quite a bit of work with the cauldron but I didn't realize that emptying the cauldron after finding the optimal recipe and then re-entering the ingredients beginning with the one you use the most will create a significant cost saving. In...
  4. David Dragonsage

    City Buildings that cross roads

    That would be great! I'd love to have a city gate.
  5. David Dragonsage

    Fixed Problem with the Cauldron?

    Yes. The weather is so nice she's taking some well deserved holidays! :cool:
  6. David Dragonsage

    Poaching of players should be banned

    I think its pretty clear from this thread that such a poll would fail. I don't recall anyone besides the OP suggesting that banning a player from the game was a good idea. Several other people were against "poaching", but none of them were suggesting that expelling a player was a good or...
  7. David Dragonsage

    Poaching of players should be banned

    This is hilarious! :D
  8. David Dragonsage

    Poaching of players should be banned

    Just for the record, I do not think that attempts to poach players should be a bannable offence, meaning that the person poaching be expelled from the game. If the person receiving a recruiting message chooses to block further communications, that's up to them.
  9. David Dragonsage

    Poaching of players should be banned

    Yes, I quite agree. And in my optimism I do hope that liars and manipulators will not win out in the end.
  10. David Dragonsage

    Poaching of players should be banned

    Unfortunately your words said more than that to me ("They don't have any right to come here and try to convince the rest of us that..."), but I am glad to hear that was not your intent.
  11. David Dragonsage

    Poaching of players should be banned

    I don't think banning is viable, nor do I think there is any chance that Inno would try to implement such a controversial and labour intensive policy. But I don't think that expressing this idea is contrary to forum rules, nor do I think the OP should be prevented from expressing her frustration...
  12. David Dragonsage

    Poaching of players should be banned

    However, there is certainly a connotation of "stealing" in the usage of "poaching" versus "recruitment". But if the OP had used the word "recruitment" in the title there would have been a loss in the meaning they were trying to convey. For example, our fellowship does not "poach" from other...
  13. David Dragonsage

    Poaching of players should be banned

    I'm not sure why we are getting hung up on one particular definition of "poaching". I think we all know what the OP meant. Language evolves using metaphors, typically with a humorous intent. If the metaphor is popular enough, eventually the metaphorical usage can become a recognized meaning...
  14. David Dragonsage

    The Cauldron is complete garbage... Change my mind!

    I had to look up "lampshade" in this context. The Urban Dictionary says, "By underscoring points of possible contention, usually humorously, the suspension of disbelief is retained." Once I knew the definition, I really appreciate your usage here - it is a great example! :)
  15. David Dragonsage

    Not a Bug zoom feature very erratic

    I am using Firefox under Windows 10. The Elvenar zoom feature is working well.
  16. David Dragonsage

    Other Not everything is awesome!!

    Thanks for the awesome link! It really was quite witty. I especially liked Sir Squirrel's brilliant and awesome congratulations popup for reaching the top of the spire! :)
  17. David Dragonsage

    Help Tournament Arena

    I suspect you must mean a different library. The Spire Library is not available until the end of Chapter 16.
  18. David Dragonsage

    Realm of the Phoenix

    Thank you!
  19. David Dragonsage

    Realm of the Phoenix

    Yes, that is entirely possible. But lately they have been giving us a Tome in each of Stage 2 and 3, so we can choose the artifact we want. Fingers crossed! :)
  20. David Dragonsage

    Realm of the Phoenix

    @Darielle - yes I've enjoyed good success with the quests too. I admit that I used the Chests tab in TomatoeHu's sheets rather than think the "Best for Grand Prizes" selections through for myself. As a Spire negotiator, I definitely want the second Astral Phoenix too. I have never bought the...