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Search results

  1. Jegenchant

    Juul’s daily quest ?

    Figured it out….just being impatient….
  2. Jegenchant

    Juul’s daily quest ?

    What the heck is “deliver a customer order”?
  3. Jegenchant

    One Word Reply Game

  4. Jegenchant

    Residence and Workshop Size

    I agree! I keep thinking I’ll slow my play down by eliminating bldgs just so I can see what I’ve got!
  5. Jegenchant

    Open Sir Squirrel's Creative Art

    Love it! Thank you so much. You are very generous with your time and creativity for a stranger and I thank you!
  6. Jegenchant

    Can there be too much of a good thing?

    Hmmm did I ever really know it was advantageous to give KP? Don’t think so. I give AW spells.
  7. Jegenchant


  8. Jegenchant

    The Brothers’ Grimm are recruiting

    The Brothers' Grimm have openings for active players at any stage of the game (especially plank, silk & gem). We have busy, but voluntary AW Clubs, an active trader & currently our tourney average is 4-6 chests. We have gotten as high as 7 chests with no mandatory requirements. Several members...
  9. Jegenchant


    Thanks Sprite!
  10. Jegenchant


    Well now that makes sense! 750 gems to upgrade. I’m a free to play player, is it worth spending gems on? Subjective question I know but still…
  11. Jegenchant


    What’s MA?
  12. Jegenchant

    Looking for a signature maker

    thanks, Henroo!
  13. Jegenchant

    Looking for a signature maker

    Hi My handle is Jegenchant and I am happy with my avatar. I am seeking a signature that will go along with her style. I can be found at The Brothers’ Grimm in Ceravyn and at Realm Utopia in Arendyll. - thanks, Jegenchant
  14. Jegenchant

    List of quests for new event?

    Hi all, is there a list of quests anywhere for this new event? Many thanks!
  15. Jegenchant


    Thanks, All…as ever, it’s hard to keep up population, culture, etc. Guess that’s why I still play! Again, thanks!
  16. Jegenchant


    Hi all, wishing you a happy new year. I need space and was looking close at my goods and resources and I have 1M mana. My city is currently working with the Constructs. I play on a mobile device so don’t get a lot of info. Do I still need to produce mana? I can’t seem to see any find anywhere I...
  17. Jegenchant


    SO all the shards go back to the Tome but they will keep making the “build a rune” to use elsewhere….Ok then!! Should have asked a long time ago :-). Thanks!
  18. Jegenchant


    After all the years I have been playing Elvenar I still don’t understand why I have all these AWs ready to be built that I don’t want or can’t fit and they still keep accruing shards that I can’t use. What’s the point?