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Search results

  1. jerintus


    come on the powers that be give us a tool to help with our summoning items Please ! ❤
  2. jerintus


    well the other 3 tabs are organized I cant see why they cant give us a toll to organize our summoning's. if enough people keep this thread goin it should be like a bur up the butt that irritates enough to get it done
  3. jerintus


    ya and the troop buildings are all over the place
  4. jerintus


    ya I only have 25 pages in summoning inventory but some in my fellowship have a 100 pages or more.
  5. jerintus


    the ability to re-arrange inventory and organize the inventory
  6. jerintus

    Chapter 18 "Team Spirit" discussion

    is there any quests lineup for Chapter 18 Team Spirit ?
  7. jerintus

    One Word Reply Game

  8. jerintus

    Win Diamonds! September 2021

    1 down magic academy , 2 down red Panda , 4 down pet food 3 across artifact , 5 across panda bear , 6 across stardust , 7 across polar bear , 8 across golden keys
  9. jerintus

    ginger bread artifact

    the Ginger Bread Artifacts can be use to evolve what other evolving building other then the ginger bread mansion ?
  10. jerintus

    Elvenar Mobile - it's here!

    I dont think anybody from Elevenar support are even reading these let alone responding.
  11. jerintus

    Elvenar Mobile - it's here!

    still stuck on assets loading screen. Help please !
  12. jerintus

    Elvenar Mobile - it's here!

    how long did it take for yours to load assets? I gave up after 15 min or so.
  13. jerintus

    Elvenar Mobile - it's here!

    assets wont download
  14. jerintus

    Elvenar Mobile - it's here!

    I have the same prob and did all the same things to try and resolve it no luck here either.
  15. jerintus

    Elvenar Mobile - it's here!

    game will not load it gets stuck at loading assets. What to do now? On the mobile app that is.
  16. jerintus

    brighter and bigger coin and Zzz icons

    your point is correct too but Im visually impaired and need things to be a little brighter and bigger in some areas not the buildings just the icons above the buildings.
  17. jerintus

    Implemented Ability to move buildings.

    being able to rotate a building can solve a lot of issues
  18. jerintus

    brighter and bigger coin and Zzz icons

    When game is zoomed out the coins that are ready for collection or blocked from collection because of no room are hard to see. That is also the case with Zzz on supply's. Also when the mobile version comes out visual on these will be even worse.
  19. jerintus

    Elvenar mobile

    any idea about when the release will happen ?