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Search results

  1. Silly Bubbles

    Ads Feedback thread

    I'm not sure about the app but the browser ads have options to customise or report the ads you see when you click on the three dots in top left corner. My ads are related to my recent searches so far.
  2. Silly Bubbles

    Psychological vs Actual Statistics

    It's all about reading between the lines! :D Also, you'd be surprised how many phrases are universal.
  3. Silly Bubbles

    Psychological vs Actual Statistics

    I don't think it's terrible. I think it's interesting, different, fun... Life is not about perfection, I don't even think that perfection exists. My English skills give me what I want from it and I definitely have more enjoyable things to do than making it better. Most of the world population...
  4. Silly Bubbles

    Psychological vs Actual Statistics

    English is definitely not the most logical language but I have seen harder languages. It all depends on what language we come from. Also, it's more of a brain thing rather than the difficulty of language.
  5. Silly Bubbles

    Psychological vs Actual Statistics

    I think that the point was made clear and that's what I think is the most important. And yes, please excuse my not perfect wording, English is not my first language.
  6. Silly Bubbles

    Cauldron using Ingredients rather than Recipes

    Sorry, it wasn't meant to upset you, I just tried to help. Obviously, I failed miserably. :D There is no need to use spreadsheet to get good results, I did a very similar strategy to yours here. There is not even a need to use Solver, I stopped using it and get the same results if not better in...
  7. Silly Bubbles

    My Beautiful City

    Here's my 2021 Winter Wonderland. I always try to have one of each building on offer. I love Elvenar holidays season, it brings up beautiful childhood memories. We don't have snow where I live now and it's boiling hot during holidays as everything is upside down here! :D
  8. Silly Bubbles

    Cauldron using Ingredients rather than Recipes

    I just did a probabilities calculation of your recipe. Your chance of getting Monsters' Morale is 56%, Generals' Mayhem 39%, one or the other 77%, and getting both 10%. The fail rate is 34%. This might help to decide how much to invest in it.
  9. Silly Bubbles

    Cauldron using Ingredients rather than Recipes

    I'm just wondering if you could share the actual results of your strategies. It would be great. :)
  10. Silly Bubbles

    Psychological vs Actual Statistics

    I'm not sure how significant forums are to the developers, they do have access to the game data that tells them what is popular, what makes money, what works etc and that might not necessarily align with forums opinions. We are only a small percentage of the player base and don't have all the...
  11. Silly Bubbles

    Psychological vs Actual Statistics

    I joined EN forum discussion once when I was tired of explaining to new players why old cross trades weren't popular trades and second time when I didn't get any bonus chests in Spire at all. I stayed because there was a lot of things that I thought needed to be said and weren't said. I do need...
  12. Silly Bubbles

    Psychological vs Actual Statistics

    I think that there are some misconceptions about happiness. Somehow, it can be even frowned upon and confused with things like positivity or "fool's paradise". I'm a strong believer in pursuit of happiness and it has worked for me quite well whole my life. I'm not really sure what is going on...
  13. Silly Bubbles

    Penalizing Noncombatant Players

    Yes, it dilutes one effect but it adds more effects. Because it's possible to get up to 10 different effects (when two potions overlap each other), it's better to have more effects unlocked. The more effects unlocked, the more different effects you can get when you brew. Eg. If you have one...
  14. Silly Bubbles

    Cauldron using Ingredients rather than Recipes

    Here's the link. Let us know how it goes or if you have any questions.
  15. Silly Bubbles

    Several Questions

    Here's a guide that covers strategies from a very basic one to the most complicated one. I'd read the whole thread (it's not very big) as I keep adding to it as needed. Basically, you pick an effect you want and add ingredients that increase the chances of getting that effect. You can do it as...
  16. Silly Bubbles

    Cauldron Recipes

    You can do your own recipe if you want to without a spreadsheet. Here's basic instructions. Let me know how it goes as it's in a draft stage at this moment.
  17. Silly Bubbles

    Poaching of players should be banned

    Now this is definitely fun! :cool: Luckily, we don't have rice obstacles here, just nice weather most of the year and beautiful winding roads through rolling hills. And I suppose boiling removes germs so they not worried about it, I'm just not sure about the extra flavour! :D:eek:
  18. Silly Bubbles

    New Game Features Condense the spire from 48 to 12 encounters.

    In our business, we overcharge customers that don't appreciate good deal and hope that they don't come back. I know it's harsh but they cost us more money than they make and that's not good business. They are fake news! :D It's great that vast majority are fair so they get a good deal and keep...
  19. Silly Bubbles

    New Game Features Condense the spire from 48 to 12 encounters.

    What if the customer's never happy or is greedy or doesn't know what is good for her/him or has conflicting demands?
  20. Silly Bubbles

    12 Things You Can Do to Avoid Game Burn-out

    It's not only up to Inno to create a game that is enjoyable. It's also up to players to find the most enjoyable way of playing it adjusted to their needs. It's impossible to fully customise it to everyone. And of course it's all about money, without money there's no game. I'm not sure where you...