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Search results

  1. Bastich McFragger


    We're the Silver Wolves, we have been around for nearly 4 years and we are trying to take our FS to the next level. We know we can, we just a few more veteran players. Check us out!
  2. Bastich McFragger

    Deleting a City - can you?

    I have some older cities I don't play in anymore. I was just wondering if there's a way to permanently delete them?
  3. Bastich McFragger

    Silver Wolves needs some pack leaders

    Veteran player? Nice person! Can hold your own? Check us out!
  4. Bastich McFragger

    Silver Wolves needs players (as sung to Anthrax's I'm the Man)

    Now we're the Silver Wolves, and we take no shit - and we don't care for those that miss - the TOURNEYS and the Adventures too - we steal your trophies while you take a.... Fight our battles with conviction, our members sauve and have great diction, we aid those with treasure and lots of KP...
  5. Bastich McFragger

    Need 2 experienced players...

    Silver Wolves in Felyndral....solid FS with very good people. Serious group, we hold our own. Veteran players looking for other veterans who give a crap.