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Search results

  1. Stratafox

    Looking for one more player before the FsA Starts

    We are the Phoenixes and we would like to recruit one more player, any level above CH 4 to participate in our FS. The Phoenixes' are quite active and most members play on a daily basis. We have members new and old but most importantly, just like to have fun playing and participating in the...
  2. Stratafox

    Steel, Scrolls, Magic Dust boosted, experienced, active daily player.

    Heya LadyC, Give us a look-see. I've been with the Phoenixes for over three years now and its a great FS to belong to.
  3. Stratafox

    Phoenixes seeking serious members

    We, the Phoenixes are actively recruiting for two open positions in our Fellowship. If you meet the following criteria, give us a try. Ideal Candidate Would have a score around 350939 and would have one or more of the following boosts: steel, scrolls, elixir Some combinations of boosts are not...
  4. Stratafox

    Fighting all alone

    Needing to fill a recent loss of one of our most active members. I represent the Phoenixes which has been active since 2017 and we regularly achieve Very High Spire scores and are regularly a 10 or 11 chest Tourney participants. Fellowship adventures are our Specialty. Our members are active on...
  5. Stratafox

    Seeking Active Members

    Seeking an Active member with a global score of 20-25K to fill an opening. We are a 10 Chest Tourney and Whirlpool worthy FS that needs to fill a vacancy. Must be active and a good communicator. All Aspirants will be vetted. If your applying to just gain points and rewards and just...
  6. Stratafox

    Phoenixes seeking 2 new members

    The Phoenixes FS is seeking 2 established and regular players. We are a very active FS and Average 10 chests or more in Tourneys 95% of the time and Always make it to the Whirlpool on Fellowship Adventures. Our Spire Events are very successful. Check out the Phoenixes next time you visit...