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  1. Dreamyn2

    Activity medals

    From the EN forum: Is this in relation to the quest in Team Spirit (earn 100 Activity Medals)? You forge them in the element hubs. You then use them to make badges in the portal.
  2. Dreamyn2

    Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    Oh We're headin' for Discord (Discord) And still we stand tall 'Cause maybe they've seen us And welcome us all, yeah With so many light years to go And things to be found (to be found) I'm sure that we all miss the forum so “It's the final countdown We're leavin' together (The final countdown)...
  3. Dreamyn2

    Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    Thank you @crackie! I’d give multiple likes if I could!
  4. Dreamyn2

    New member

    Hello @KNIGHT RYDER , welcome to the forum :)
  5. Dreamyn2

    Way too much time between Spire "platforms" -

    I like the idea of less time between platforms but not at the cost of reduced awards. They’ve been nerfed enough as it is. :(
  6. Dreamyn2

    Active or not !

    Thank you! :D
  7. Dreamyn2

    Active or not !

    Upgrading wonders increases your score.
  8. Dreamyn2

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    @-Solaris- @Astram Was this an intentional change?
  9. Dreamyn2

    Elvenar shop

    I’m able to open the shop in the app version using the “ + “ next to the diamonds. Try logging out of the game or refreshing your browser? If it‘s still not working then a support ticket is advised.
  10. Dreamyn2

    Help please

    Welcome to the forum @Sagittarius ! :) The developers seldom read the forum threads. It would be better to send in a help ticket, keeping in mind it’s the weekend and they’re overseas. Open Elvenar and go to game settings, the Help tab, then the Support button.
  11. Dreamyn2

    What is a "ghost" city?

    One that joins a fellowship but stops playing without notification.
  12. Dreamyn2

    Fellowship Invite/Score Bug

    A most unique bug to have. Sorry this happened and you couldn’t add your new applicant but that score has me giggling for real!
  13. Dreamyn2

    Suggestions for improving this forum.

    I’d give @helya ALL my snacks to return. We would see the most amazing improvements!
  14. Dreamyn2

    Chapter Migration

    Thank you, but still doesn’t answer why
  15. Dreamyn2

    Hello I Am Here

    Welcome to the forum @Hornbeam :)
  16. Dreamyn2

    Fellowship Progression Feature

    Elvenar Fellowship Perks worksheet by Hoopity: https://tinyurl.com/2p9ht8t8 Hopefully that works. You’ll need to make a copy first in order to edit the values.
  17. Dreamyn2

    Winds Of Summer

    Looking for a relaxed, non competitive fellowship? We have plenty of room for you and your friends! Tournament, Spire and fellowship adventures are optional. New to the game? We are glad to help you get started. Experienced but need a breather from competitive requirements? We have a spot for...
  18. Dreamyn2

    Version 1.178

    Yes, but only shows if you have won a mystery chest. It will show “ ! “ for 1 chest and 2, 3, or 4 if you have more than 1 available.
  19. Dreamyn2

    Chapter Migration

    @Astram Why are some being moved to ch 5 and others to ch 6?
  20. Dreamyn2

    Version 1.178

    The icon at the top of the Spire that shows the number of mystery chests available. Ideally it takes you first to the chests you can open now, and then to the ones that are “locked” until you open that section of the Spire.