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Search results

  1. New Spire of Eternity rewards - discussion thread

    I have an Aureate Phoenix building that is 6 Chapter old in inventory and rather that placing and using IR spell to upgrade I am thinking of Disenchant and try my luck in crafting. Since I don't have one placed and after disenchanting won't have one in inventory theoretically I should have a...
  2. Worlds Becoming Unbalanced on Goods Production

    Well it looks like I am by necessity doing my part to fix this issue. When the tournament change I found myself knock out of the top 10 even though I placed 16 fighting buildings in week 1. I frankly use to think it was wasteful to negotiate as the cost was ridiculous however with a large...
  3. Worlds Becoming Unbalanced on Goods Production

    I am happy to see an active forum. Interestingly enough the forum seems to be the PvP component of this game.
  4. News from Beta - Archived

    I kinda think the baby comment was the most offensive one but that is just me.
  5. Black Friday Gift from Inno

    I don't know if it just me but I didn't find one single item that was worth taking a second look at. To be honest the completed set are reasonable price but I just deleted seven better buildings that those. Edit: Two of the buildings I deleted was two that are being offered, so not better but...
  6. fellowship adventure starting tommorw

    This pit would be fun in this new FA if was not for the arcane residue needed. I actually start using my other badges to dump in the pit (Elvarian Guard, Sack of coins and Worder Society )for the first time.
  7. Tournament Changes

    I am going to read between the lines and say the developers are checking to see how many will quit before any changes are implemented. Edit: I have decided to stick around but as a FTP player. I am not advancing but I am in the process of tearing down AW's Edit 2: The Witches Hut was the...
  8. Tournament Changes

    Frankly I am disappointed at the low level of response to Nightguest new tread asking for feedback. On a side note I notice, at least on my server that no one is rushing through Chapter 17. By now I would have expected at least one person to finish the chapter, maybe this in itself can be the...
  9. Survey Questions?

    Ok then let me apologize for making assumption. I may be a tad bit sensitive to the Tournament changes consider we seems to have opposing views on it.
  10. Survey Questions?

    Ashrem, have you ever conceded a point to someone on the forum? Even God was said to fallible.
  11. Chapter 17 - Traders of Unur - Discussion

    Thanks Pheryll! I will open up the first research in the chapter just for event buildings.
  12. Tournament Changes

    @ElegantZara it is hard to move on when you spend as much as I did on this game but I am thinking...thinking.. I do admire some people’s ability to adapt. I hear people saying it is unfair but I am adaption to the changes, that is a good quality to have. I guess I am not as evolve as others on...
  13. Chapter 17 - Traders of Unur - Discussion

    Does anyone know if we would be punished in the Spire and Tournament severely by just opening Chapter 17? I would just like to collect the current event buildings in chapter 17 as I have no intention of progressing further for now.
  14. Tournament Changes - Community Feedback and Data

    I am an end of game player Chapter 16 (for now). I have no intention of progressing further given the current circumstances. For your reference I started this game late and speed my way through to the end game. The Good: Encounter reduce from 4 to 1 encounter. The Bad: Just to achieve a bit...
  15. Tournament Changes

    Thanks helya for helping me set up my account. The only problem I have with the changes is that they seems to punish me for progressing in the game. At this point I don't see any reason to continue to spend money on the game. Believe me I have spend an obscene amount in the past couple of...