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Search results

  1. Morien

    Why use Dryads?

    When do you get to upgrade your Dryads to level 2? Or your Banshees, for that matter?
  2. Morien

    Lux Aurea is seeking ACTIVE Players

    We're a fun, friendly group that communicates regularly in Chat, as well as our private Discord server. We frequent 6–8 chests in tourneys, and make the occasional 10-chest push. We routinely finish all three maps in FAs. Participation in tourneys, spire, and FA's is always encouraged, but never...
  3. Morien

    Too many times this event ...

    I had horrible luck in the Zodiac event, and am having marginally better luck this event (knock on wood). I think having a "chest" (skull, book, cauldron, whatever) that has a mere 6% chance of the daily prize is ridiculous. At least in this event, if I don't want to waste my resources opening a...
  4. Morien

    Autumn Zodiac: Daily Exclusives harder to obtain

    (I looked for another thread addressing this, but couldn't find one.) I just won 500 keys from a chest, so in total I had like 600 keys. And I still couldn't win the daily exclusive. I'm actually pretty upset that the daily exclusives in the AZ event this month are so much harder to obtain...
  5. Morien

    Looking for active, mid-level Fellowship with players that actually help each other

    Hey there! I was wondering if your fellowship is a) still recruiting, and b) active. I'm just about to get into Chapter 5, and I have a score of about 20K. I'm looking for a fellowship that's active, fun, with players that actually talk in chat, trade with each other, and donate to each other's...