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Search results

  1. ? Members Ripped Off by BAD Trades ?

    Wouldn't we all, except for the BAD traders that would love to keep taking advantage of holes in the system. Darielle, very cool pic and avatar. Regards, Qilin
  2. ? Members Ripped Off by BAD Trades ?

    I'm a relatively new member. If I was on then, I probably didn't even have any advanced goods at that point. Keep coming up with great ideas. I'm really hoping this sort of things gets fixed in some fashion or other. Ha, Qilin
  3. ? Members Ripped Off by BAD Trades ?

    Good observation. I like your idea of adding another filter to filter out 1 and 0-star trades. Should be easy to implement since they've already implemented other filters. Would be quite the easy database query to create. Something like: SELECT trades WHERE tradeRating >= 2; We wouldn't...
  4. ? Members Ripped Off by BAD Trades ?

    Totally agreed ! Qilin
  5. ? Members Ripped Off by BAD Trades ?

    Yes, that would work for me. I might have done similar on mobile too. Not sure. I usually don't fly through the accepts on the mobile for some reason and can usually see the changes in trades coming. Yeah, I guess it can be a problem on the mobile interface too. Thanks for the reply, Qilin rui
  6. ? Members Ripped Off by BAD Trades ?

    You are correct. I have no problem undoing a trade I create. The problem I keep running into is when I click too quickly when accepting other people's trades.
  7. ? Members Ripped Off by BAD Trades ?

    QUESTION So has anyone, besides myself, ever made a bad trade and been unable to undo the trade? Recently I lost 1000s of goods I'd accumulated because I clicked too fast. And once clicked, there is NO undo. SITUATION Ever so often it would be nice to be able to undo a bad trade or not make...
  8. Post Apocalypse Adventure - Wheel of Inefficiency

    Hi Alpha, Yea, I found the Google spreadsheet too. Shared it with our FS but they seem to like to keep things simple. The FS chats with each other and decides which path to take after chatting. Not very efficient as using the spreadsheet and planning ahead, but simpler in my opinion. But our...
  9. Post Apocalypse Adventure - Wheel of Inefficiency

    Hi All, This is my first Adventure & first Wiki post. Our FS is definitely an FS that doesn't track down to the tee who will make what. Or what path we will take until we take it. And yes, I will have over 300+ badges left over when my first Adventure ends. I'll have a virtual Apocalyptic...