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Search results

  1. Just Some Newbie Observations

    my last one was like the ones 6 away with 4 boxes filled...i think that is orange. I am going to try and carefully do my scouting to see if how i have been scouting affects staying 'not' red. if i do this right here is the transition from green near the end of my available provinces to scout.
  2. Small but Powerful

    Small but Powerful fellowship formed for chapter 5 and below cities. Only 20 spots left. Come help us build a beast of a FS.
  3. Just Some Newbie Observations

    @Darielle i wish i knew what i did. The last province might have been orange. I did have 10 provinces left to explore when I got to the last couple of research tree items. Not sure if that had any affect. I made it to chpt 3 and need 45 provinces still at 25 as i just made it into chpt 3...
  4. Just Some Newbie Observations

    i am also trying new tech tree. My challenge so far has been "kp lock". I have no place to put my kp until i make more boosted T1 to trade for non boosted T1 so I can open the next research tree item. I will watch the scouting as I approach chpt 3. Chpt 2 was yellow and it appears that to...
  5. Relax and Be Merry growing towards 10 tournament chest. Want to help us get there? We have openings.

    oh no, Relax and Be Merry is no more but we Get'er Done. So we decided to rename our FS Get'er Done. Players that like to Get'er Done are welcome to join us.
  6. Relax and Be Merry growing towards 10 tournament chest. Want to help us get there? We have openings.

    Six months since my first post in this thread. We are doing pretty good. Just finished our first spire push and have been doing monthly 10 chest tourney pushes. We have had a few players move on. Some because we weren't what they wanted and I hope their journey is grand. Some because real...
  7. Go boldly where no Elf or Human has gone before...

    It has been month and we are cruising along at warp speed. Anyone interested in jumping on board we have nice rooms available to see the stars go by.
  8. Relax and Be Merry growing towards 10 tournament chest. Want to help us get there? We have openings.

    Yes, we continue our journey to becoming a weekly 10 chest FS. We are now successfully doing 10 chest pushes once a month. We are looking for some more experienced players to join our merry band. Contact @Tuschunreal if you are interested.
  9. Go boldly where no Elf or Human has gone before...

    Space is such a large place, but when you go boldly forward in a Starfleet fellowship you find yourself among a group of friends ready and able to help at every stage. Enjoy your gaming experiences one and all...cheers...tusch
  10. Hello Lakshhmi here!

    Welcome to the forum...a great bunch of players always ready to help with any questions you may have.
  11. Looking for a whole fellowship, not just a player!

    Sounds like a great idea. It is same concept as with the Starfleet FS's. If you have too many players you can send them to a starship FS and get basically the same concept.
  12. 12 Things You Can Do to Avoid Game Burn-out

    you have done well, we have tried 10 chest pushes about a month apart and made both of them so far
  13. 12 Things You Can Do to Avoid Game Burn-out

    thanks for the suggestion...someone previously suggested that as well. I look about once a week and send a note to the members and copy the AM (even if the elvenstats says they have been inactive a long time). This week got a nice note back from the AM saying they were happy with their small...
  14. Poaching of players should be banned

    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Enjoy your journey
  15. The FA is unwell

    I am in one fellowship that requires gold spire, does 15+ chests and works very hard on the FA. In another world I am in a very relaxed perhaps 6 chests, do whatever in Spire and periodically does a 10 chest push. In yet another, I am rebuilding a fellowship and finally I joined a starfleet...
  16. Hello new archmage and to forum

    It is hard to believe it has been only 3 1/2 months since I joined the forum as a new AM. It feels like it has been much much longer. Not in a negative way but rather in a very positive way. I have benefited from all the advice on forum and from the players in my different cities. Thanks to...
  17. Poaching of players should be banned

    Agreed and I believe the only way to find out is to ask. I like to start with the AM but if the AM shows as inactive I will message the players that elvenstats shows as active AND the AM. I am trying to be transparent and honest as possible. I have started some neat on line friendships with...
  18. Poaching of players should be banned

    I recently contacted an AM and the only other active member (2 active members the AM and a fellow). I asked if they would be interested in joining a bigger more active fellowship. No offense intended and no flattery or deception offered. Just a straight up invite. I would hate to see a...
  19. Dwarves portal quest or not

    Update...silly me...i was a bit behind in quests....focused on completing them and it appeared. THANKS for the approach to sell and build 2x2 and then sell it. I could have used the space for FA...the thing just sat there taking up space. Learn something new every day!
  20. Dwarves portal quest or not

    i have dwarves portal and have not seen a quest to sell it. I am partway into fairies research but placed no fairies settlement items to support the FA. Am I miss remembering...is there a quest to sell my dwarves portal? Can I get rid of my dwarves portal?