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Search results

  1. tiG23

    New back ground music

    i'd had it off forever, so turned on to hear what's new. I love this!!!
  2. tiG23

    Fellowship Adventure

    maybe talk with your FS so more people are making bracelets? I had a boatload of badges, some of them you can't help but make if you play.
  3. tiG23

    Time to say goodbye

    i also stepped away from 90% of the game and I'm enjoying life more. Thank you for everything, you will be hard to replace.
  4. tiG23

    Anyone also having exorbitant coin badge requirements for the FA???

    i have collected my city twice and visited all neighbors. I'm still 400k short of my first coin sack
  5. tiG23

    Building design choice

    i love this idea. The Raccoon for instance, the lvl 1 is just adorable!!! i like my mermaid at lvl 7 (I think) artwork and won't upgrade because i don't like it when it changes. I have a card devs!!!
  6. tiG23

    Build times on training facilities?

    i took down the merc and training grounds instead of the armories. faster to rebuild. (in my mind anyway)
  7. tiG23

    Helya shares her snack hoard

    oh helya, it's going to be so very different without you. Thanks for everything!!! Here are all the feels you've given us, but the tears.
  8. tiG23

    what makes this relic boost difference?

    thanks, I thought it would have balanced by now. :)
  9. tiG23

    what makes this relic boost difference?

    I have one city in Fairies, lvl 17 MH, lvl 19 planks relic boost inside MH is 700%. When I click on working bldg, it shows making 1712 (reg. 214 and 1498 from relic boost) No Mt. Halls. Second city just inside Orcs, lvl 18 MH, lvl 19 planks. Relic boost is 748% (I know we all max at 700...
  10. tiG23

    Current Squads Display

    add 'what did i just see' and back clicks lol. This is a great idea.
  11. tiG23

    Autumn Zodiac 2022

    it's a switchable production. Wish I'd caught that part.
  12. tiG23

    The state of the Moonstone sets?

    it will show up in no time.
  13. tiG23

    Do squad size upgrades still matter?

    so that is the only reason to do them?
  14. tiG23

    Autumn Zodiac 2022

    I'm thankful for the chart and all the work put into it. @Jackluyt
  15. tiG23

    Current Squads Display

    yes please.
  16. tiG23

    Back to Playing_Diamonds question??

    Because you don't have the other option. What are you out of that you need?
  17. tiG23

    Spire frustrations ~

    for anyone thinking a gold spire FS wouldn't even think about you, if you can already do to the Frog Boss and play the tourney, you are just moments away from being able to reach the top. Last year I had 2 chap 4 cities in gold spire fs and made another not long ago and did the same thing. Now 4...
  18. tiG23

    We should get more diamonds a bit easier

    Remember, just because it shows you need diamonds, it 99% of the time means you are out of something. Just make that missing thing. You can totally play this game without more than the diamonds they gift us.
  19. tiG23

    Add drop-down list for selecting declinable quests

    I don't really think they want it even easier to get free things? (not trying to mind read). I think players should learn early that you can work just a bit more to get free stuff.
  20. tiG23

    A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    The only way I've found so far (to get all rewards) with one extra gates and one extra moon vendor is The Fairy's way. it's not square but easy to fit stuff around it. https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/dwarven-citadel-layout-with-2-extra-buildings.31916/post-263663