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Search results

  1. Queen of Beltane

    Parking city before guest races

    I fight plenty even in my early chapter cities (to the second boss).
  2. Queen of Beltane

    Silver level

    I always get silver if I don't spend money. If I do I get gold.
  3. Queen of Beltane

    Chapter Migration

    Are we kicked out of Spire? If so, it's a stupid decision. I've been able to fight up to the first boss since chapter 3 in all my cities and up to the second boss since the end of chapter 4.
  4. Queen of Beltane

    I'm tired of guest races

    I started at the very end of Oct. 2021. Maybe I powered up too quickly. 15 full chapters and a third of 16 in a little more than a year and a half made me impatient (not that I'm patient in real life.) But the time and trades of 15 wore me out. So less focus on the big city GR, and more...
  5. Queen of Beltane

    Who messed with the tech tree?

    Well, all the cities that have hit Chapter 3 now have the spire and tourney available, and my baby Chapter 2 city has tourney available Less tech tree bs is good.
  6. Queen of Beltane

    Who messed with the tech tree?

    I was fortunate. I had several dead cities in Chapter 1 when I decided to restart them (chapters 15 and 16 were too exhausting. I decided to return to the beginning.) So they get the tourney and Spire in the old tech tree.
  7. Queen of Beltane

    I'm tired of guest races

    I've parked partway through 16 in my largest city. I was just burned out. I'd rather use kp to upgrade Wonders. I am still producing the drafts, beer, and tea. So when I restart I'll have all the basic crap I'll need. I just started Fairies in my medium city, and I am enjoying the early GRs.
  8. Queen of Beltane

    World map Centers

    This may be a stupid question, but why does it matter who is at the center of a map?
  9. Queen of Beltane

    Penalizing Noncombatant Players

    Yeah, 4% troop boost is as high as I've gotten. I have 15 diplomas and all of the effect increases for troops is at 30. I don't really need help with anything else, I forget to use it half the time.
  10. Queen of Beltane

    Curious about "Parked Cities"

    I'm seriously considering doing the same. I'm sooo over waiting weeks to complete a single tech. 15 was bad enough, but this is ridiculous. And I seriously need to up my AWs big time.
  11. Queen of Beltane

    Cauldron Recipes

    Google sorting and filtering etc. were not available in 1993. LMAO I know how to read it as a whole, but I don't have current tech skills to filter properly. I can figure it out. I'm old and like to whine about such new-fangled notions.
  12. Queen of Beltane

    How fast can you do the spire?

    I like to mosey up the spire. I like fighting, and if I do it in the days before tourney, I'm only without fighting for a short time. My scout time is days, I try to have at least one to do between the end of tourney and the start of the new Spire.
  13. Queen of Beltane

    Spire Rewards

    I would love to have all of those PPs. Well, maybe not ALL of them. I'd like a bunch for sure. And I like the fragments. I never have enough. I use the lab a lot.
  14. Queen of Beltane

    Cauldron Recipes

    A list not a spreadsheet would be helpful for those of us who took stats decades ago. I'll look through your stuff and try to translate, but all those light greens, in the spreadsheet above are for effects I DON'T want. I want military strength. I did need ascended boosts in Chp 15, but the...
  15. Queen of Beltane

    12 Things You Can Do to Avoid Game Burn-out

    I would wait the week out offline if Rush was the band of the week. lol
  16. Queen of Beltane

    Mama Juul's Fusion Feast

    Yeah, it's awesome when it takes three days to scout a province. It's great for my little cities but royally sucks for my main city. Also, what are the set buildings that are bonuses in the silver and gold? I've not heard of them.
  17. Queen of Beltane

    Dwarves race goods ratio

    I started a couple of new cities since Chapter 16 is the slowest Chapter yet. I have just reached Dwarves and I've built my little guest race block, but I don't remember the ratio of granite to copper. I have room for 14 of each. I know I don't need to blow resources to build all of them, but...
  18. Queen of Beltane

    Sentence Game

    Everyone envies elegant emeralds.
  19. Queen of Beltane

    The Season of Joy

    In the Season of whatever, my little city was able to pick up a bunch of buildings that produce Mercenary Troops. It's fantastic. I can run Silver in Spire and never have to cater. This current season of Joy (?) isn't as great, but it is giving me smaller pop buildings that produce goods as...
  20. Queen of Beltane

    Help Gems of Knowledge link for Orcs & Goblins gives an error message

    It's barely legible now anyway. The white font scrolling over a pale background makes what should be useful very hard to read, and therefore use.