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Search results

  1. HonuMoana

    A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    Thanks and congratulations to the devs for the Dwarven Chips game. It's the best event prize engine yet. Well done!
  2. HonuMoana

    Fellowship Adventure

    And once again, Inno makes the FA better by making it worse, and all with a lazy, creativity-free "adjustment." The solution is clear, scrap the FA. It's old, moldy, boring, and DONE!
  3. HonuMoana

    In-Between Time Extension

    The best part of this game is the time in-between the events and adventures. We can enjoy our groups and our cities without the quest niggling, and our goals are our own. It would be great if this time received a bit more attention, two-to-three weeks minimum, three-to-four preferred.
  4. HonuMoana

    Dawn of the Phoenix

    Is it really necessary to have the slot machine chests take so long? If you're like me, you probably save up the eggs for daily prizes you want to try to obtain. Then, part of your reward is staring at those spinning chests over and over, wondering why your life has become so utterly mundane. I...
  5. HonuMoana

    Neighborly Help

    I've stopped doing Neighborly Help on the Map. I only do it within my Fellowship. Is there really any point any longer to bothering with the neighborhood help? The game has clearly devalued it, since there is no Fellowship XP for it. The game is complex and there are many things to manage in...
  6. HonuMoana

    Congratulations Developers

    You managed to make the FA Badge collection tool entirely superfluous. I bet that really took some doing. Still, I can see absolutely no reason to keep that lil pop-up. Why not just send the Badges directly to inventory? In fact, why not just send them directly to the Map? No, no, I've got it...
  7. HonuMoana

    Make a sentence with 6 letters

    Time allays bluster led elderly today. WOOLEN
  8. HonuMoana

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Hey, thanks for the confirmation! I must be awfully close to the truth on this one if I had to be moved to the spoiler zone.
  9. HonuMoana

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    The old Fellowship Adventure at last is DEAD! The Ding Dongs may now commence.
  10. HonuMoana

    Rant May the Pit BURN IN HELL

    I'm done. I've had enough. I will never again play the Pit. Go take your stinking, hopeless, disgusting torture device and just shove it right up there where the sun don't shine. I am personally staggered that you insist on torturing your players with it. I will be honest, on some level it...
  11. HonuMoana

    One Word Reply Game

    D. B. Cooper
  12. HonuMoana

    Lots of "game lagging" complaints

    Well, I do need a cup of tea every time I have to reload the troop queues. I know that much. They put the capital "L" in LAG.
  13. HonuMoana

    One Word Reply Game

  14. HonuMoana

    Hello Greetings!

    Welcome! Let's make some magic together!
  15. HonuMoana


    This is a 110% true. In a way, this game can be kind. It may be telling you, time for a break, go walk the dog, or play with the cat. However, I can also assure you there is probably a good way around the pickle you are in. 1) Don't ever get attached to your buildings. They are resources. You...
  16. HonuMoana

    Suggestion for New Event Building: Pet Food

    That would be an evolver I would want! The vote is YEA!
  17. HonuMoana

    The 100% more diamonds offer

    Seen it too, for a relatively new experimental city, which I am purposely playing for free. I had already ignored numerous offers. The 200% bonus did read like a one-time only thing, but I passed it by too. It even had some bonus events keys thrown in. I felt like Galadriel refusing the One...
  18. HonuMoana

    Just Curious

    Wouldn't it be fun if there was a merge button? When an Arch pushes it they then have to enter the name of the other FS, and then once the other Arch pushes it to acknowledge the merge, the game randomly selects the new Arch from the two, and everyone else is made a Fellow. What fun!
  19. HonuMoana

    Wonder upgrade strategy

    If I have the runes, and want the benefits, much along the lines of what Darielle has said, then I will tend to push a Wonder to the next rune circle point and get that upgrade without needing the KP. My city can get a nice bump this way. As a result, I will end up with a number of Wonders at...
  20. HonuMoana

    Tournament Score Display

    This is an excellent idea. I fully support this.