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Search results

  1. Relocations

    still waiting. sigh.
  2. My competition entry (task 3)

    i made a haiku!
  3. Relocations

    would be less of a worry except they took away cities i traded heavily with, and that our FS is short on boosts for.
  4. Relocations

    sigh, still waiting a month later.
  5. Relocations

    thanks all. yeah, i checked the "move" box so hopefully they will get me relocated where it is comparable to what i had a week or so ago. sigh.
  6. Relocations

    the point was/is, I HAD a great neighborhood. people in all directions. but instead of removing unattended cities or coin cities, they removed those that were most active, like some sort of punishment.
  7. Relocations

    I get that there is a periodic attempt to rebalance active cities so people have good neighbors. Except, I JUST reached a longtime trade partner, and now all of my trading neighbors are gone. Every decent trader got moved away. Daily I have ZERO trades available. While I get this is supposed to...
  8. Post Apocalypse Adventure - Wheel of Inefficiency

    i disagree that it's necessarily poor planning. i run across enchantments, then go ahead and match up a trade to complete witch hats and such. either way, you could address those by applying the same principle as coin and troop badges: offer a lower individual point gain in the pit for them.
  9. Post Apocalypse Adventure - Wheel of Inefficiency

    i do like this. therefore if your badges are truly extras, fina & dandy, toss em in. Sack of coins? 5 pts. Elegant Statue? 20 pts. (or whatever). If you deliberately want to spend effort to make high point badges just for the pit, you get rewarded for that.
  10. Spiffing Up Fellowship Adventures

    I think if an FA map improvement could be made, it would be to allow the Archmage to lock out the paths not chosen. Then unlock them (if needed) at flag pulling stage in case people need to drop stuff in for participation or points.
  11. Generic Evolve Artifacts

    I actually came here today looking for a thread like this one. Discussed a "universal" evolve during the winter event with my fellowship and I never followed up and came to the forum. Now, with the FA running and two specific evolves being offered as prizes, those of us who already got full...
  12. Reconstruction Mode

    I really want to scream YES! For all that is sacred YES! But as mentioned by others, that would remove so much of the challenge of the game. As is, we have to do an expansion (or several together) to shuffle things. I could suggest tho, something similar to the Teleport - maybe some sort of swap...
  13. Workshop update - sound level

    Love the updated functionality for workshops with the one-click for all BUT can we tone down the sound echo? I have my sound way down and still get blasted when I use the button to set all workshops. I kinda don't need the volume magnified by the number of workshops. Please set it to normal level.