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Search results

  1. Krishna Tulsii

    Fellowship Adventures

    Look, I know inno needs to make money but this is ridiculous. The worst thing about fellowship adventures, is the option to buy diamond packages for badges. Is inno out of their mind!!! We all should have a EQUAL shot at this, not "hey if we all throw in 10 bucks we can be the best there ever...
  2. Krishna Tulsii

    MA shuffle suggestion for crafting items

    A fellow player and I were discussing the craftable items that are being offered in the Magical Academy. We were talking about either waiting over 2d for a province to be scouted or craft a bunch of useless items in the MA to gain 30 vision vapours to complete the event quest. My MA has been...
  3. Krishna Tulsii

    Cant log in

    I've been trying to log in all day and it's telling me (sorry there is something missing check your internet connection.) I do have phone service. I have deleted the app, reinstalled it and also restarted my phone and It's still doing the same thing. I also checked my internal storage and have...
  4. Krishna Tulsii

    Teleport building prizes

    Offer the teleport building enchantment as a daily prize in events.
  5. Krishna Tulsii

    What happens when...

    You go to next chapter without Completing the unskippable quest? Is that even possible??
  6. Krishna Tulsii

    Notification for upcoming deals

    This happens EVERY time I make a magical building or PPE purchase with diamonds. Just the other day I purchased a magical residence and the very next day, a 10% off on magical buildings popped up. Like ??? If I were to wait for this deal to pop up, the deal would have never been offered. (Is...
  7. Krishna Tulsii

    Open Trader has no trades

    The 2 years I been playing this game. I have never seen the trader so empty. There is literally one trade in my trader. I'm in a fellowship too. Is this a bug or is it really this empty? (World Arendyll)
  8. Krishna Tulsii

    Poor color scheme

    The words that are "neon green" are quite difficult to read.
  9. Krishna Tulsii


    Option to filter "All trades" from "Fellowship trades" for mobile.
  10. Krishna Tulsii

    Game ambiance

    The option for weather was a nice touch in the last event imo, I would love to see it rain or snow every now and then. A nature sound option like birds chirping, owls hooting or wolves howling ect. would be amazing!! Changing from day and night, would probably be difficult to implement but a...
  11. Krishna Tulsii

    Weather/Nature sounds

    What happened to the weather option? Was that just a special thing for the last event? I thought it was kinda cool to have weather element added to the city, it gave the game a nice relaxing ambiance. It would be nice to see it rain or snow every now and then, and instead of just music have have...
  12. Krishna Tulsii

    Zooming out

    Being that the overall province area has been expanded with the new chapter(s) that have been added recently or just having a big city period, it would be nice to be able to zoom a little further out on mobile.
  13. Krishna Tulsii

    FS flags

    It would be nice to be able to personalize FS flags shape, colors and designs with more available options.
  14. Krishna Tulsii

    Switching music between elf/human

    This might sound a bit dumb and nitpicky. I know you can shut music off entirely but I would really like to switch my elf city music to human city music. I like the human music a lot better lol. I usually have it turned off but every now and again I will turn it on to enjoy it, at least in my...
  15. Krishna Tulsii

    Auction building for selling prize buildings

    I know we can disenchant or upgrade prize buildings with royal restorations or sell them for no set value but how about Instead of selling our prize buildings for nothing when we decide later on that they have become superfluous for our city and pointless for upgrading. What if we had a building...
  16. Krishna Tulsii

    Open No multiplayer spire prizes

    My fellowship and I did not receive our additional multiplayer prizes in the spire, I apologize if it's some technical issue that I'm not aware of that is prolonging the rewards being handed out. Thanks
  17. Krishna Tulsii


    After a little over a year this is my first time hitting 4k in the tourney!!! I'm trying to go for 5k! Let's get it! :D
  18. Krishna Tulsii

    Ancient Wonder tooltip Display

    I'm not a picky person and I know what it says but some of the AW's upgrade display could be brushed up a bit on mobile.
  19. Krishna Tulsii

    Mana vaccuum

    I spent waaaay too much mana on the spire today. (It takes me literally like a day or more to collect the mana the spire takes in just a few minutes.) While at the same time I love doing the spire, it's sapping me dry instantaneously from my research progress and necessary upgrading.
  20. Krishna Tulsii

    Mana/seeds for helping members/neighbors

    (Give a small amount of mana/seeds for helping members/neighbors.) When upgrading your Main Hall for the start of the mana production chapters, add a small amount of mana for helping nieghbors, along side It's normal gold and supplies amount. Maybe something like "idk" 100 mana per helping...