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Search results

  1. MoonlightWaterlily

    Starship Hathaway -Recruiting-

    Greeting fellow members, We at Starship Hathaway would like to extend an invitation to members who are 20k points and over to join us on a quest through the galaxy. We are part of a fleet of Starships and bases which originally was created by our Admiral Esperanzag and other members of...
  2. MoonlightWaterlily

    What Phoenix building are you raising?

    I chose fire so that I can get that fighting boost.
  3. MoonlightWaterlily

    Free AW points

    My needles if you want. Though might require 43. XD But you will get the top chest and will complete that.
  4. MoonlightWaterlily

    What's For Dinner?

    Tonight I just had chips and miracle whip (mayo). xD yah... >.< I'm weird. xD
  5. MoonlightWaterlily

    What's For Dinner?

    I think left over Sweet and Sour chicken with rice will be tonights dinner.
  6. MoonlightWaterlily

    Seeking Wonder Swap

    I'll message you in the game. I don't have the kp at the moment but I will let you know when I do so we can. :)
  7. MoonlightWaterlily

    Welcome to Excelsior Minor!

    I've actually been debating whether I want to leave mine or not. It is active and family like but there's part of me that wants to do more. Learn more, especially with wonders and other events.
  8. MoonlightWaterlily

    Fae Sidhe in Felyndral Recruiting

    Also, are you guys okay with cross tier trading? (just curious, some places aren't fine with it.)
  9. MoonlightWaterlily

    Fae Sidhe in Felyndral Recruiting

    Nice ^_^ I will keep you guys in mind for when mine slows down.
  10. MoonlightWaterlily

    Layout Help Needed

    I ended up getting an expansion and filled in that spot on my map near the corner. :)
  11. MoonlightWaterlily

    Layout Help Needed

    I see it. :)
  12. MoonlightWaterlily

    Mid-Knight Clandestines

    Cool. ^_^ I will consider if the one I am isn't active as I'm told they are. :)
  13. MoonlightWaterlily

    Hello HI!

    Hi! and welcome back!
  14. MoonlightWaterlily

    Mid-Knight Clandestines

    How active are your chats/ trades/ wonder trades?
  15. MoonlightWaterlily

    Fae Sidhe in Felyndral Recruiting

    How active is the fellowship as far as chatting/trades and other stuff? (I'm in other realms too so I get it.)
  16. MoonlightWaterlily

    Layout Help Needed

    I can't seem to see that layout for some reason. Says its unavailable.
  17. MoonlightWaterlily

    Layout Help Needed

    thanks ^_^ I also got rid of some buildings that were unneeded as well. I will be looking over this and make changes. :D ^_^
  18. MoonlightWaterlily

    Layout Help Needed

    Trying to finish up chapter 3 if that helps. :)
  19. MoonlightWaterlily

    Layout Help Needed

    Heya, I know I can do it on the architect site but I am hoping that someone could help me with suggestions on layout or on how to make my current one better with the amount of space I currently have.
  20. MoonlightWaterlily

    ~Fangs and Fire~Join Us :)

    Thank you :) I ended up finding something in game. ^_^