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Search results

  1. mucksterme

    Seeking spire group

    My FS gets 10 tourny chest every week and has a 1000 point requirement we have gotten silver or gold in the spire every week since they started keeping count in fact we are having a gold push next week we also tend do do well in Fs Adventures unfortunately we only have 2 spaces open right now sp...
  2. mucksterme

    auto fight

    yeah i just saw that mentioned in another thread it's good to know even though i rarely allow any craft to span across the reset
  3. mucksterme


    they used to also have a 'whisper' function " /wDollarbang " but that took that away which is too bad because it was hilarious when people typed it in wrong. what they thought would be a message seen by only one person became visible to all i think ' /help ' also used to work but was fairly...
  4. mucksterme

    Discussion Spire of Eternity feedback

    silly me i check my inventory before bribing but i guess inno is stupid for expecting us to plan ahead
  5. mucksterme

    auto fight

    unless they've changed it recently or i misunderstand what you are saying crafter does not work that way i have had multiple military buildings or pet foods come up in same rotation
  6. mucksterme

    auto fight

    I believe you remember wrong. But I would love for someone to show me otherwise.
  7. mucksterme

    Discussion The Sorcerers' Pilgrimage discussion and feedback

    having "gain 20 relics" for a final task is a killer for small cities doable but tough
  8. mucksterme

    Stash Outpost

    Now that is an interesting thought
  9. mucksterme

    Stash Outpost

    If it was to be permanently active, it would cost much much more than $8
  10. mucksterme

    auto fight

    I will admit there have been times I've used diamond to reconstitute my army a bit. When I know I'm really going to need that squad of (archers) at full strength But generally. If there is one wave that is particularly difficult I can take care of it by fighting that one on manual. That's an...
  11. mucksterme

    Has it been a year already?

    This is a small thing but it may also indicate one of the problems with this "council" idea The idea that anybody can speak for "most players" At best you may have a grasp on what "most active forum users" want Personally, I think most players just want to play the game and cba about all these...
  12. mucksterme

    A comment about Ideas and Suggestions

    And while we are giving tips to new people. Suggestions should be put in the 'Ideas and Suggestions' forum And each suggestion should have its own thread. And should also include more detail. I wasn't sure what you were talking about but as I typed I think I figured it out. But people should not...
  13. mucksterme

    Has it been a year already?

    I knew people would say things like this and what soggy said. you are viewing this like adults who can manage expectations. you forget how many fifty year old children play this game
  14. mucksterme

    Has it been a year already?

    If I was a developer I would definitely NOT do that. Tell people, "We are working on that suggestion of adding Zebras to the combat unit list" Then you're constantly being bothered with: Are the zebras done yet? When are the zebras coming? Whatever happened to the zebras? You promised us zebras.
  15. mucksterme

    Has it been a year already?

    Well of course your voice matters to us . . . . :rolleyes:
  16. mucksterme

    Pop up ads!

    me neither i have an ad blocker but it is only on one browser and i use three
  17. mucksterme

    Has it been a year already?

    Good point They should maybe uh i dunno release changes to beta testers first?
  18. mucksterme

    Has it been a year already?

    Not exactly It only increases training size not fighting units. So I wouldn't count that as added strength. But it does save you some supplies. A fully evolved and fed brownie adds 50% to training size. So if it costs you 500 supplies and one hour to train 1000 archers. you could now train 1500...
  19. mucksterme

    Reorganizing my city

    That's not a bad idea. Especially if they are more than say level 5. Maybe higher. I can't remember what it is like leveling lower levels. But definitely if they are at the point where it takes a few hours to do one level.
  20. mucksterme

    Has it been a year already?

    Who are you again? Brown bear can be useful when you want to mass produce units. Especially if you have a lot of timers to throw away. But it is nowhere near as important as the fire chicken. Whoever told you that is crazy. No offense to Mrs Pants