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Search results

  1. mucksterme

    High Ranked Active FS

    Dragon Reborn has one opening. We are the #8 FS on Felyndral. We get 10 chests every week. We are Top Five in Fellowship Adventures and the Spire. We have one member leaving and could use a good active player for the next FA Look us up Check out our info page. It is a friendly, no drama group...
  2. mucksterme

    Strange But True

    Later this month I will have been playing this game for three years. And it wasn't until today I noticed something. ElvenaR spelled backwards is RanevlE Coincidence? I think not.
  3. mucksterme

    Am I crazy or ...

    Am I crazy or did they change the crafter to a six hour rotation instead of eight?
  4. mucksterme

    WANTED Annoying Mathematician

    We have just had a sudden opening in our Forum Department. Applicants must be versatile in all forms of math, and willing to over share their knowledge. 1... Must be available 19.56 hours a day to calculate the per block payout of all buildings. 2... Essential: MUST HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR 3...
  5. mucksterme

    The Solve Encounter Conundrum

    One of the common complaints about Quest Lists for Special Events is the "Solve X Encounters" Often it insists on regular encounters, which can be hard for some. Sometimes it allows Tourny encounters, which are way easier. I was just looking at the Task List for the Valentine Event that started...
  6. mucksterme

    Scam Recruiting ???

    So someone sent messages to a few people in game asking them to join empogame.com I googled that and saw this https://www.scamadviser.com/is-empogame.com-a-fake-site.html Now I do not know this to be an actual scam or phishing attempt or whatever But I would recommend people be careful of...
  7. mucksterme

    Task Cycling

    This comes up a lot in Fellowship Adventures, less so in the regular game. You are trying to create badges that require doing a nine hour run of all T1s. So you set up 5 sets of T1. Then when they are ready to harvest you click Steel - Marble - Plank - OK - Awesome - Task - Task - Task etc etc...
  8. mucksterme

    Happy Birthday To Me

    Started playing this game one year ago today * Cheers * * Fireworks * * Crowd shouting "Yay Muck, how did we ever manage without you? " Why, thank you folks. Didn't know you cared.
  9. mucksterme

    Live Facebook Chat with Timon and Rike

    What a huge waste of time. They'd rather sit there and giggle with each other than really talk to us. The devs don't care about negative feedback. Big surprise
  10. mucksterme


    In reference to things like https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/holiday-contest-final-voting-status-update.7643/ isn't it time the mods just admit that all they care about is harassing members for petty infractions? Obviously they have no interest in any other part of the job. And...
  11. mucksterme

    In Case I Forget

    Merry Christmas Everybody
  12. mucksterme

    Where is this?

    I was here in June somehow I never saw these results can someone tell me where they are? https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/holiday-contest-final-voting-status-update.7643/
  13. mucksterme

    A slightly different take on FS only trades

    I know the idea of completely private trades as been rejected before, for good reasons. But what about something like this? Allow a person to mark a trade "fs only" but put a time limit on the trade. Say, one hour? And after the time runs out the trade becomes public. Then, to keep people...
  14. mucksterme

    World Map Progress

    Can someone tell me just what the 8888 refers to? Just what is it calculating?
  15. mucksterme

    Game extra unrelible

    Seems like lately the game has been having more "stream errors" "internal errors" and "unconnected chat" than usual. Just thought that while people are complaining about ugly buildings, too small or too large fellowships, and people clicking on culture instead of builders, I'd mention something...
  16. mucksterme

    Feanor's Heroes - Hiring

    I'll just paste what our description says but first, let me add I've been in this FS since, I think, February and I have seen zero drama It is a well run, but unobtrusive, FS and has very active trading As I post this, we have 22 members ............. CALLING ACTIVE PLAYERS. YOUR LUCK IS...
  17. mucksterme

    Coin Cities

    For over a week I've had seven or eight empty cities that just show the coin on the map. It is noting new to have a coin city pop up because a dead city got deleted ( I assume.) I've gotten them periodically since I first started playing. But it used to be that one would appear and usually be...
  18. mucksterme

    Feanor's Heroes

    Looking for a few good players Right now we especially want active players around 30K and up Friendly helpful group Contact our AM if you are looking for a change
  19. mucksterme

    Help Broken Shards

    I have always been able to share the same broken shards across all wonders. But so far I have only researched up to Throne Of High Men Is there a legitimate reason a FS mate is breaking shards in Tome and they don't show in Dwarven Bulwark?
  20. mucksterme

    Graduated Payouts

    I started playing when the Halloween Event was on. Since then I have seen the Winter Quest and the VD Event. Not sure what people thought of Halloween. I wasn't on the forum then and probably wouldn't have understood much if I was. Winter Quest was grueling, had some good prizes, but there was a...