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  1. Moho

    Too Much KP Purchase

  2. Moho

    Feedback Autumn Zodiac event

    [MOD EDIT] picture removed
  3. Moho

    Feedback Autumn Zodiac event

    The event has started.
  4. Moho

    Parking city before guest races

    Yes, that's my style too. But I use my Brown Bear too. I may do it less in the future due to the rising costs of Pet Food but my Camp is almost full.
  5. Moho

    Feedback Version 1.181

    They may have killed many more, in fact, including the goose that laid golden eggs. Elvenar has just become so hard for cities in low chapters due to the difficulty of using the MA that I expect the number of new players quitting the game will skyrocket.
  6. Moho

    Parking city before guest races

    I have a lot of them, most of which have been earned during events. I use some Grounds of the Orc Stragegist buildings crafted in the MA. I no longer use Vallorian Valors because my Triumph of the Tides buildings and now Aqua Splendor Sets (i.e. Sirens' Ballets) are more productive. The...
  7. Moho

    Parking city before guest races

    My parked cities are in Chapter 6. Now that the FA is over, the shanty towns have been replaced by troops producing buildings, especially the types of units that I can't train in the Barracks or Training Grounds. The dent in this picture is the space reserved for the next event main building.
  8. Moho

    Feedback Aqua Splendor

    As I explained here, my intention was to replace the Snow Owls Set with a version of the Aqua Splendor set in two of my cities. I wanted to focus on the production of troops and the available space was 5x6, so I decided on the following configuration: I run parked cities, so the fact that I...
  9. Moho

    Feedback Version 1.181

  10. Moho

    Feedback Fellowship Adventures - 2023

    Oh, now I get it.
  11. Moho

    Feedback Fellowship Adventures - 2023

    Speaking of sprinting, I wouldn't mind if the FA were an hour long. Whoever gets the farthest wins. (My assistants can think out the details.)
  12. Moho

    How to get ghosts for level 3 in FA?

    Yes. Active players or Archmages visit the Forum and find out when the next FA is supposed to start. With approximation of course. In the week the FA should start, players do not rush to complete the Spire and/or Tournament. Instead, they plan these activities so that they will successully...
  13. Moho

    Feedback Version 1.181

    I agree. And I'm sure they're aware of all the negative consequences but probably they're supposed to choose between offering a "slightly" unfriendlier game or no game at all.
  14. Moho

    changes to the MA offerings

    I've seen this before.
  15. Moho

    Answered Why are the mountainside art buildings missing?

    I find it difficult to play games on the mobile. Except word games, of course.
  16. Moho

    Seapectacular Aquatics assembly

    There are many suggestion in this thread. Check out every page and you'll find something that suits you.
  17. Moho

    Need answers