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Search results

  1. Lady Red Elvenfaire

    Looking for a new Fellowship

    Come on over to Harandar and check out Tuatha DeDenann we are a fun group and we believe strongly in fair play and team work :)
  2. Lady Red Elvenfaire

    Suggestions on better ways to do KP sharing for AW's

    It works great! I have new members that are getting the hang of it and one just had her first Raid Day and messaged me saying how she had thought she might be overlooked but was pleasantly surprised at having to upgrade 4 upper level AWs with 2-3 more nearly ready for upgrade at the end of her...
  3. Lady Red Elvenfaire

    Brown Bear Bonus Doesn't Expire

    Harandar US 8 Windows 10 Chrome browser up to date I fed myy brown bear a week ago and I'm still getting the troop production bonus.
  4. Lady Red Elvenfaire

    Suggestions on better ways to do KP sharing for AW's

    We have a rather unique system and it is very effective! We have an alphabetical list in our Overview tab and each week beginning on Monday we move through the list with the selected player hosting Raids. Each player donates either 10kp or a rune to the hosts AWs throughout the week to create...
  5. Lady Red Elvenfaire

    Fellowship Adventure

    So have "they" owned up to any mistakes? Oops? Or "yeah we totally did that"? I'm curious because I haven't seen any word from Inno regarding the stupid coin requirements. My team did well, but wow was it tough!
  6. Lady Red Elvenfaire

    Event Building Rewards

    I agree with this message on behalf of my entire team! We are an advanced team with almost all of our cities in advanced chapters and all of us are experiencing sT1 and T2 shortages. We are cross tier trading fools at this point with loads of gems to make any pirate blush, and enough dust and...
  7. Lady Red Elvenfaire

    Fellowship Adventures 2022

    I don't know whose idea it was to jack around with the coin badges, but it was not a good idea! Bad, bad idea! My team is holding a 4th place spot but just barely, we keep getting stuck on those dang coins, most of our cities are level 6 and higher and several of us are in chapters 10 and higher...
  8. Lady Red Elvenfaire

    Tuatha DeDenann is looking for... You!

    We are a super active and very supportive group with cities of every size and players with weeks to years of experience. Our team needs 3 active players and we are desperate for marble, scrolls and dust. We have a very effective AW upgrade method and strong presence in the trader (right now we...
  9. Lady Red Elvenfaire

    Change default Trader view to trade listings

    If a sacrifice is required, Im down for that.
  10. Lady Red Elvenfaire

    New Library rewards?

    Well Im in chapter 12 and my moonstone gate and mana plants are giving me mana and my gum trees, gems. I don't need the spell frags I have over 100k already. And I craft almost non-stop. I will leave it up for now for the CC. I don't like it. Its a tough market in Harandar for certain goods...
  11. Lady Red Elvenfaire

    New Library rewards?

    My mana plants and gum trees are now giving me gems. Since I am gems boosted, and relied on the plants for dust, this is not a welcomed change. Is this something new or a glitch?
  12. Lady Red Elvenfaire

    City movement

    I will be submitting a ticket, I am totally ready to get out of the dead zone! I have neighbors that haven't played in months and barely any scrolls or magic dust to be had. I did submit a request to mve a couple weeks ago but it was before the great migration. While there are some new cities...
  13. Lady Red Elvenfaire

    City movement

    I am not complaining at all! I recently submitted a ticket to requesting a move because so many inactive cities in my H world neighborhood make it nearly impossible to get T2 and T3 goods for trade. I did notice several new neighbors, but many of the same inactives are still in place. I know a...
  14. Lady Red Elvenfaire

    Generating Better Spire Participation ** 1st Edit**

    Last week I bribed my way to the top, used up coin rain and windfall and all I got for beating the big dude at the top was a 25% portal profit. On the journey to the top I got about 50k spell frags, I now have 180k. And I craft daily. I did get a few gingerbread artifacts until I built the...
  15. Lady Red Elvenfaire

    Tuatha DeDenann ISO competitive gamers

    We are Tuatha DeDenann in H world and we have a few spots to fill, we are competitive and victorious! We have achieved glory in the FAs no rank lower than 21st in the last year and we are a 10 chest/silver trophy team. We have an excellent AW upgrade method in place and we are super helpful to...
  16. Lady Red Elvenfaire

    A Wish List

    Oooh! The Mermaids! I still have most of them in my inventory somewhere I love the mermaids!
  17. Lady Red Elvenfaire

    A Wish List

    My team (Tuatha DeDannann H world) has put together a wish list, things we would like to see in the game. Please be encouraged to add your own "wish" to the list! *An evolving/growing dragon! And since dragons love shiny things, the dragon should give us gold, crystals, gems and mana. People...