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Search results

  1. Remove Granite and copper @ Level 7 ??

    Thanks to all - solid advice from everyone. ;)
  2. Remove Granite and copper @ Level 7 ??

    I have entered Level 7 and cannot see the need for Dwarven Portal, Granite mines and Copper foundries anymore. Am I missing something or can I now remove all of them ? Thanks in advance, B.
  3. Orc Strategists? How to use.

    Just received a 'Grounds of the Orc Strategists' from Winter Magic. What is it and how do I use it? I'm about to enter chapter IV and any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Activating Cerberus

    To both Glandeh and defiantoneks, got it! They don't actually advertise it very well do they. Thanks again - might be able to win a few more battles.
  5. Activating Cerberus

    I am in the early stages of chapter III and have trained lots of Cerberus but I can't see a way to get them (or gifted Orc Warriors) into battle. My Barracks are at level 6, Armories at level 5 and Training Ground at level 3. I would very much appreciate any help.