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Search results

  1. Gkyr

    Order of turns changed in manual battle?

    You know...war is always about adaptability. Most everyone knows the adage: "armies always fight the last war". (We are now seeing evidence that this not always true). As an Elvenar gamer, you may try to fight (or regret) the way things were... ...or, you may act as a warrior and, as the US...
  2. Gkyr

    Another Strategy to Save the Forum

    Actually easier to use the world map and send the msg to the towns around you. Just finished sending to the towns in the first ring around my town. Every time I log on this will take a little longer to accomplish. :rolleyes:
  3. Gkyr

    Another Strategy to Save the Forum

    click on your own player rank on the upper left of your city screen. move the list down to the players way down on the list, but >0. message them: copy and paste the following text, or make up your own: Please join the forum. Please go to: us.forum.elvenar.com Why? Your registration will help...
  4. Gkyr

    It worked for StarTrek

    Save this forum! The scroll-keepers worked so hard!
  5. Gkyr

    Hybrid City

    Any victory is a good victory because our training facilities and time instants and supplies run deep, as far into the game as you seem to be @Mykan, especially since this expands the extent of your tourney beyond your usual. I am not used to fighting (MF) as a human but this is how I would...
  6. Gkyr

    Hybrid City

    @Mighty Peach: these threads specifically address manual fighting (MF): https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/manual-fighters-thread.29618/ https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/a-brief-note-on-the-different-tourney-series.31915/...
  7. Gkyr

    Absolutely Nothing Unusual or Suspicious Happening Here

    For sure. And it gave my eyeball spellchecker fits, as well.
  8. Gkyr

    Absolutely Nothing Unusual or Suspicious Happening Here

    Well, I am not a scholar but I was given a gift of a Middle English poem titled "Unknown, tr. by Rachel Linn from Annot and John" The first six lines go like this: "Ichot a burde in a bour ase beryl so bryht, Ase saphyr in selver, semly on syht, Ase jaspe the gentil that lemeth with lyht, Ase...
  9. Gkyr

    Absolutely Nothing Unusual or Suspicious Happening Here

    @MaidenFair , do you read Middle English? If so, I have a (anonymous) poem.
  10. Gkyr

    Scout Quest

  11. Gkyr

    Scout Quest

    So...if it takes you over 2 days to finish scouting a province, best wait until the event locks into one-a-day mode then start the scout that many hours before the quest with the Scout Provinces pops up. There are too many quest-fulfillment uncertainties for most folks to be able to finish a...
  12. Gkyr

    Scout Quest

    The scout on the world map has to complete in order to satisfy the quest item.
  13. Gkyr

    Condense the spire from 48 to 12 encounters.

    I am probably the only one who would like to see more Waves. Keep the levels but increase the rewards depending upon winning 4 or 5 or 6 waves. Keep going until defeated. There is a lot of preplanning and skill there.
  14. Gkyr

    Brief Note on Dust Tourney battles

    The lineup of all of the provinces opposition troops seems to have changed recently making detailed advice on the simpler tournies (marble through planks) somewhat moot. The character of the terrain of each tourney, however, seems not to have changed. The Dust tourney's terrain is one of the...
  15. Gkyr

    Season of joy event

    I am completely underwhelmed by the insipid buildings offered in this 'event'. Even at a discount 2400 diamonds (3000-600), the 'luxury' buildings fail to impress. What do you think Inno would do if everyone ignored the event?
  16. Gkyr

    Season of joy event

    @iamthouth , in your settings, you can set a confirmation for any diamond charges, as a fail-safe.
  17. Gkyr

    Cauldrons 102: Production V1.0

  18. Gkyr

    The Cauldron is complete garbage... Change my mind!

    Agree with you, @Arkadia , @Darielle . There are enough sub-games within the game without devoting even more time to a new sub-game that appears to have an even more protracted timeline than an AW. Part of me feels that this is a 'performance poll' by the game architects (perhaps a level up...
  19. Gkyr

    Does Selling AWs Decrease Battle Difficulty?

    Your detailed exposition ought to serve as an answer, perhaps even the definitive answer, to those who are wondering about this. Thank you for your input in support of this thread.
  20. Gkyr

    Does Selling AWs Decrease Battle Difficulty?

    There are a few (very few) gamers who are revamping their cities, going from battle-oriented to high (700%) culture-EE-PoP-wholesaler equipped for catering/diplomacy. They would be set up for an experiment, but the desire to know is even scarcer, but does come up from time to time.