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Search results

  1. Sarafyne

    The Order of the Red Dragon is looking for active players

    Hi, The Order of the Red Dragon is looking for active humans and elves. We had several players retire recently due to RL circumstances and we need to rebuild. Come and join the fun! Also considering a merger with another FS. If interested please contact Sarafyne in-game. Thank you Sarafyne
  2. Sarafyne


    Best way to prevent that is to move everyone but a select few to fellow status. Then only the AM and designated players can pull the flag.
  3. Sarafyne

    MA suddenly producing different spells

    There was no announcement for people who only play on live worlds. My production was changed too, what started out as CC spell was replaced with the gold colored thingy that's now sitting in 5th place. No big deal but Inno always announces everything so it's a bit surprising they didn't announce...
  4. Sarafyne

    Tournament Arena

    Thank you
  5. Sarafyne

    Sale error

    It's on all servers, error code 50
  6. Sarafyne

    How much of your world map has to be dead before you (or they) get moved?

    My city in F world has at least 75% of the map empty and 50% of what few cities there are, are inactive. This game is to a large extent depending on trades. Other than my FS hardly any of my trades get picked up. I'm at the end of chapter 16 and stuck waiting on trades, while my sentient goods...
  7. Sarafyne

    Tournament Arena

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me figure out the Tournament Arena, please. One of its benefits states that you get 1 (or more once upgraded) ranking point per tournament chest. When do the points get awarded? And are "chests" the total number of chests finished by my FS? I would really...
  8. Sarafyne

    Looking for active elves or humans

    Fleur de Lys is looking for active players who like to have fun and also want to play tourneys, Adventures and spire. recently lost players to RL reasons. Come check us out, please message me in-game Thank you , Sarafyne
  9. Sarafyne

    Silmarillion - Recruiting for New Members

    Hi, would you be interested in a merger? I'm AM of Fleur de Lys, looking to rebuild the team with active players. Maybe we can help each other out. Please let me know if you are interested, in-game Sarafyne Thanks
  10. Sarafyne

    Seeking a Fellowship to merge with Fleur de Lys

    Hello, I am looking for a fellowship interested in a merger. We are Fleur de Lys, a small group of active players seeking like minded players. My name is Sarafyne, please contact me in-game if you're interested. Thanks in advance
  11. Sarafyne

    One Word Reply Game

  12. Sarafyne

    FriendlyFellows in Sinya Arda is looking for new members.

    Hi there, Would you be interested in a merger? My name is Sarafyne, FS is community of the Ring, we've removed several players who retired from the game, rather than trying to fill all the spots, we could take you in. We're experienced players and always finish the Adventure. Please message me...
  13. Sarafyne

    Knights of Cerberus seeking members

    Hi, are you still looking and/ or are interested in a merger? Sarafyne, The Community of the Ring
  14. Sarafyne

    Shop not working in Android app

    Thank you helya, that fixed the issue, you are the best :)
  15. Sarafyne

    Shop not working in Android app

    Hi, The shop is not working since yesterday in Android app. Wanted to pick up my daily gift but the shop doesn't open. Tried through the + sign to get more diamonds and it won't open either. Same issue across 6 worlds. The shop just sits there with a frozen timer. Thank you Sarafyne
  16. Sarafyne

    App prevents donating to AW

    I was informed by a fellow that the 2 of them traded a lot of KP the day before, both the same amount, but only one player is blocked from receiving KP while the other one isn't
  17. Sarafyne

    App prevents donating to AW

    As you can see in the screen shot that AW was nowhere near full, so it is a bug
  18. Sarafyne

    App prevents donating to AW

    Hi, I play on Android app, Samsung tablet, v1.149. I was in the middle of donating KP to one of my fellows in W world when I got the message that I'm unable to donate more. Closed and restarted the app with the same error message. Please see attached screen shot Thank you, Sarafyne
  19. Sarafyne

    Fellowship Adventures 2022

    It depends on whether your FS has an easier time to do Blacksmith or residues, for my teams, we're doing green on the first stage, then blue on 2nd and 3rd. Heavier on blacksmith but fewer residues required (we typically get stuck on those in the pit)