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Search results

  1. Buck1972

    the Spire

    How do I make the Spire give me what I need? Seems it never gives me the Spell Fragments.
  2. Buck1972

    I Just Started Sorcerers and Dragons

    Anyone know how many buildings I need to add and which ones I need to get missions done? It's very new and theres no hints on how many buildings to add. Thank you.
  3. Buck1972

    Im Just Starting the Woodelves Section

    Do I need the Orcs from the Armory Breeding Grounds anymore? I know I'll need armory but do I need to collect more Orcs for later use?
  4. Buck1972

    Vision Vapor?

    I've been wasting all my resources on the chances, and I always get a coin thing or something else. Kinda sucks. From the Spire of Eternity.
  5. Buck1972

    Winyandor <It's A Motley Crue> Seeking

    Feel free to join if you'd like. I always help when I can.
  6. Buck1972

    Vision Vapor?

    What is it and how do I get it? I thought I got it before but it was something else.
  7. Buck1972


    What is the difference from the gold handshake and the regular handshake? I know I get coins and supplies, but there must be a reason?
  8. Buck1972

    Winyandor <It's A Motley Crue> Seeking

    I started this group long ago. Still hoping to find active players. So if you're interested, feel free to join.
  9. Buck1972

    VIII Orcs and Goblins

    So I made it to Level 8. Will I be needing Ambrosia and Night Essence anymore? Do I delete the buildings like with the Dwarven buildings? I see another Portal coming up.
  10. Buck1972

    Spell Fragments

    How do I Gain Spell Fragments?
  11. Buck1972

    Fairy Portal Site

    Thank you all. I must upgrade. I think I got it.
  12. Buck1972

    Fairy Portal Site

    I have the Day Farm and the Night Farm connected but my goods are not being added. The question mark says it's not connected but everything is. Any ideas what's going on with this?