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Search results

  1. Penalizing Noncombatant Players

    Being a "trader city" is a limitation you put on yourself, there are no combat cities or trader cities. There are only city's Should a "fighter city" complain about the produce xxx crap quests? You would say he/she should be both.
  2. Chapter 1-5 Adjustments

    Players are just 1 of the stakeholders in the game, there are many. Gamedesign has certain KPI's to reach. This very specific change is for a very specific group of players. and from a gamedesign standpoint these changes are very good. For all of us, because of players stay for a longer time...
  3. Chapter 1-5 Adjustments

    The reason for this change is obvious. and since it's about new players only what veterans think is just irrelivant. we are not the target autdience of this change. new players are. and for this specific change they just look at retention numbers as those are the only ones that count. It's this...
  4. Dwarven Armorer

    Those 9 extra chest are just there for the overachievers. not for the prizes. you do not want good prizes in those chest because then they become mandatory. and I do not know if you every check the tournament rank lists but it's not easy to get 25 players that get 6700+ ranking points. just...
  5. Chapter 1-5 Adjustments

    Doesnt matter what you think, those changes are there for a reason (player retention) and it's working otherwise it would have been reversed a long time ago. player retention is all that matters and it also benefits us a lot because we need player retention to replenisch those that quit after a...
  6. Teleport AW?

    that timestamp does not exist
  7. Black Friday Sale

    Steep? I bought 3 of them
  8. AW

    The endgame part is insane indeed but like all wonders and combinations it doesnt have to be maxed out to be powerfull already. Lighthouse/bellspire is a nice addition for example but a level 10 will do just fine. especially since NH massively improved with the expansion of notifications. Also...
  9. AW

    As the game has developed wonders that might not have been amazing in the past might have became a lot better overtime. Some that were good are now less amazing. the downside of lists is that time makes those lists obsolete. Asked me a few years back what I thought about the Neighbourly help...
  10. Dwarven Armorer

    reading is a virtue RNG always applies, you need to work with long term averages. not spot results. those are as random as they can be. as said I want from 13 to 2 (so yes I had a crappy period as well, but after rain comes sunshine, you just need to save them up in good times to use them in...
  11. Dwarven Armorer

    The point is that when you offer "freebees" and yes 19th chest is hard but also a freebee and 3 fellowships could vote in favor of it that get is. If a clear majority is good enough to forward it to the developers than any idea is pretty much a good idea. " I propose that everyone gets 150.000...
  12. Dwarven Armorer

    Suprised as well, 30% against is a pretty huge percentage. I can easily come up with a dozen "more freebee" ideas that will do at least 70% lol. Anything that would say "do you want more for free" will get at least 70%
  13. Dwarven Armorer

    Off course I voted no, it might be popular but so are many other things. Some things just should not be done. For me this is like voting if Inno-games should give every player a $100 diamon credit for cristmas. it might get many upvotes but it makes no sense. DA is a spire special. and it...
  14. Dwarven Armorer

    1 every 2 weeks in the spire., thats a huge difference to 1 a week
  15. Dwarven Armorer

    Those stats assuming you go to the top every week and are for everyone on a large enough scale. the fact I dropped from 13 to 1 and back says enough Stocks are volitile, and this is the main issue. people have a hard time coping with it, they use to much in good times and then are frustrated in...
  16. Dwarven Armorer

    Bad idea this makes the tourney much easier for those that already rule it. it's like tax breaks for the wealthy who do not need it anyway. The 1 good part of the +9 chests is that the prizes are more for honour than that they are so good you need them. In essence they are mostly useless (and...
  17. FA push towns must End! That's clear cheating!

    It's abolutely not agains the rules, quite often they are town "played by others" en "Gifted to the fellowship" which clearly is agains the rules but technically the city itself is totally fine. But same as the OP it's the main reason I started to ignore FA's why. because it's a competition of...
  18. Teleport AW?

    I kinda know why it's not considered, most likely the same reason another game had trouble doing it. but they solved it by making rune and spare kp invested in it are lost when teleported. so you keep the level but not anything else. Would be very happy with a warning message we would loose it...
  19. Open Sir Squirrel's Creative Art

    Please don't quit
  20. Fair Trades?

    Cross trades are sometimes a blessing let me give you some examples from when I love to take them (even if they are technically bad) When I need for example T4 and T5 for a research. When I was doing the revenge chapter there was a point where I traded a lot of T7 for T8, I needed T8 for the...