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Search results

  1. LordVorKon

    One last gripe...cross tier trades

    Entirely irrelevant? Trader fees a city pays are based on what that city has discovered. False.
  2. LordVorKon

    One last gripe...cross tier trades

    A) Yes they're a neighbor B) Even if they weren't, my level 31 BTG says 0% trader fees C) It's absolutely nonsense.
  3. LordVorKon

    One last gripe...cross tier trades

    I wish it was just cross-tier. I have five pages just in standard goods of nonsense like this: Similar behavior in sentient goods, although different accounts. I really wish it was not against forum rules to call out these people by name, because IMO this behavior deserves public shaming.
  4. LordVorKon

    Feedback Chapter 21 - The Vallorian Legend

    Prosperity works like this: Each settlement building consumes a certain amount of Prosperity (in much the same way that regular buildings consume culture and/or population). If you look in the Dragon Tower on the Portal tab, you will see a line "Settlement Production". If you mouse over (or...
  5. LordVorKon

    Feedback Chapter 21 - The Vallorian Legend

    Well, you're not wrong. But it doesn't have a progress tracker, so ... (When I did that quest, I believe I sold a level-1 workshop.)
  6. LordVorKon

    Feedback Chapter 21 - The Vallorian Legend

    I have seen the same thing now. At 834 Prosperity, I should be getting 139%, but I'm actually only getting 138%. Which, as small as that is, it's going to obligate me to run several extra productions per research. (Or I could build another workshop, even if I can't connect it right now...)
  7. LordVorKon

    Feedback Chapter 21 - The Vallorian Legend

    Yes, as best I can determine that is exactly correct.
  8. LordVorKon

    Feedback Chapter 21 - The Vallorian Legend

    Two things: 1) Your calculations do not appear to take a Blooming Trader Guild into consideration. 2) Rounding: The Portal percentage calculated should be rounded down, but the additional products made should be individually rounded up. (That is, the bonus production from Prosperity/Portal...
  9. LordVorKon

    Update v1.152

    I don't think that's correct.
  10. LordVorKon

    New Spire of Eternity rewards - discussion thread

    Win, probably not. Buy, most likely. Eventually.
  11. LordVorKon

    Teleport AW?

    I think the complication is more that they have to make the builder aware of what you have in inventory. This is probably the same reason why we're not allowed to teleport (other) buildings that are limited to a specific number of instances. Another option (that only works for AWs...
  12. LordVorKon

    update v1.149

    Yeah, I think it could be that only the most recent previous notification has been replaced and the rest will be allowed to fall off when they reach the 5-day max age. My most recent 24 hours is about 10 pages. The previous 24 hours is 3 pages, and before that 1.
  13. LordVorKon

    The Buried City

    263 tablets was good for Silver League on Khel. I am... surprised.
  14. LordVorKon

    Chapter 19: Revenge of the Exile - discussion

    Ultimate Matter. You get it by selling your level four Fortress.
  15. LordVorKon

    News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Wow. Just.... wow.
  16. LordVorKon

    MH location

    Doesn't really leave much room for the Breeding Facilities to stretch (4x6 at L2, 5x6 at L3, and then 6x6 at L4). Also, you've got one set and at least one ancient wonder completely disconnected from the roads, and manufactories change shape too much to want to have them buried in the middle of...
  17. LordVorKon

    MH location

    Thanks to this thread, I was finally motivated to do a major re-org of my city last week. I ended up with 30 extra roads.
  18. LordVorKon

    on goods with 10% loss/tax

    Doesn't matter. If you have 1000 goods that decay by 10% per day: In one stack, 10% of 1000 is 100. In ten stacks of 100 each, 10% of 100 is 10. 10 decay per stack, times ten stacks = 100. The one place where it might change a little is if your stacks are not evenly divisible by the decay...
  19. LordVorKon

    Fellowship Progression Feature

    So... what're you going to do when chapter 26 comes out? ;)
  20. LordVorKon

    Chapter 19: Revenge of the Exile - discussion

    Perhaps, I couldn't tell ya. For the sake of other cater-focused players who get there in the future, I do hope they change it.