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Search results

  1. Feedback Fellowship Adventures - 2023

    did anyone notice the twilight phoenix and vitality surge are generating elvarien guard badges
  2. How do you deal with a no-help request? (And how People Negatively Interact on Forums)

    first guess is he is trying to complete a quest. some ask for the culture to drop. cause me some issues way back
  3. blue aura

    we are looking for 5 -6 people to join us ten chest in tourneys and everything else is optional
  4. Fellowship Adventures 2022

    this fa seams to be quite a bit less effort especially collecting wonder society . now can we get a mass collect and queue. do i remember that on mobile i am on pc only.
  5. blue aura

    blue aura is seeking merge or 5 plus possible recruits. must be able to go at 1k or so points in the tourney other is at your option.
  6. Are Traveling Merchants Completely Useless?

    i have traveling merchants lower chapters probably not worth bothering with. just wait till the goods building take up 30 spaces traveling merchants are about equal to the boosted goods so they do have a use
  7. Gems of Elvenar

    last upgrade info on gems of knowledge is winter magic months old
  8. Gems of Elvenar

    site has not ben up to date lately
  9. Three new five-day military buildings

    i don't see any issue this is not pvp game so no need to pay up. my observation is you boost a percentage boost goes to ia units. so only a modest gain
  10. blue aura

    blue aura is down 5-6 players now would consider a small alliance merge. trying to maintain 10 chests in the tournies
  11. [Adopted] Adopt a beginner!

    she can message me ingame
  12. blue aura

    blue aura is down 5 now. Steel and ally shrooms is needed. Try no to apply in chapter 1 we need tournament players minimum 1000 points
  13. blue aura

    lol can i make it two lines actually it is 3
  14. blue aura

    2 opening now possibly 4. 10 chest tournament always fa spire optional any skill but prefer advance at least sentient goods. must be able to do1000 points /tournament
  15. Looking for active Fellowship

    no just "show" in arendyll check your server blue aura is looking for 1 and probably 2 1000 plus points a tourney a must
  16. Where have all the Steel players gone?

    i have no issues buying steel. its just few big players will over supply then under supply when they leave so its just at a whim on who is active and absent
  17. Inactive cities

    i so agree with this way too many inactives
  18. Rings of Frustration

    well that is not true for the low level players. i am out to ring 17 now as far as I know I can trade with anyone discovered. it's not beyond to have 50 plus low level people trading every day. just peace of mind i clear put all the fluff trades just so don't have to look at 100"s of pages in...
  19. Credited for quests not yet completed

    arindyll has some issues also
  20. planks not credited

    acquire goods wholesaler can be used for quest. produce goods wholesaler cannot be used. produced goods have to come from a building inside the city