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Search results

  1. Notification and Neighborly help Improvements

    Awesome update both with the rune shards and now this. It saves a lot of time in helping our neighbors. Now, if we can add notices for Ancient Wonder help and get them on the neighbor tab as well. I do realize we are able to help those beyond our borders(so not actually "neighbors") with regard...
  2. Neighborly help window

    Instead of going to each city to offer neighborly help (which takes more time as each city needs to load), create a neighborly help window that shows: 1) A list of all those I can help, then either on this same list or after selecting one I wish to help 2) show me the best cultural building to...
  3. Notification tabs "Trade" & "Neighbor"

    How about at least two tabs for notifications to separate accepted trade offers from neighborly help. I would also like to be notified when someone helps research one of my Ancient Wonders. Going thru my notifications to reciprocate help is the quickest and easiest way to help my neighbor. If...
  4. Quest list for The Forbidden Ruins

    Thank you! Very helpful.
  5. Quest list for The Forbidden Ruins

    Where can I find the quest list and daily prizes list for The Forbidden Ruins.