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  1. Make a sentence with 6 letters

    Becoming lighter is getting hardly tough. wasted
  2. Forum Reinstate In-game link to the forum

    I agree that it would really be nice to get to the forum the easy way. An extra button on the communications menu would work fine. +1 for the request. AJ
  3. Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    The thing about Discord is that the pages are so cluttered. It took me a while to figure out the layout of things, but with all the special icons and terms you really don't know what's what. And, of course, they push you to "upgrade" your account with Nitro. I don't like that at all. This...
  4. 12 Things You Can Do to Avoid Game Burn-out

    Thanks for the info, @Dhurrin I do wish this forum would continue. It's so much easier to use than Discord...and it seems you get better discussions here. AJ
  5. Discord closed?

    To get to discord from the game you have to accept an invite. But the "invites are paused for this server" So what's up with that? Are there too many online at this time? Too many signed up? I don't remember ever having this sort of thing with this forum...though I could just be suffering...
  6. 12 Things You Can Do to Avoid Game Burn-out

    Thanks for the warning. I'm in chapter 20 now. Fortunately, I saved some of those big workshops so I won't have to rebuild some of them. How many you think I'll need? AJ
  7. 12 Things You Can Do to Avoid Game Burn-out

    I run my city with no workshops but the 10 level 1's for quests. Been there for about 2 years and it works fine. I even have to dump to the wholesaler about 4 times a day. I'm trying to get to "no residences," but that's proving a lot harder. I have 8 magic ones and can get down to 6 if I...
  8. I just can't...

    @satchmo33 Having been in another city building game that, after seven or eight years, folded without a lot of warning, I can tell you how frustrating it is to have invested that much time in something (I was #1 on the server when it folded), and see it all go "poof!" So, in my opinion...
  9. I just can't...

    The thing is a lot of people aren't "into" this game so much as "killing time." So that means just chugging along because that's how you kill time. They don't answer mail because they aren't here to help/serve/please/assist anybody, they are here to, as the often say, "relax." Then, because...
  10. It worked for StarTrek

    I was wondering how much it costs monthly to run this forum. Has to be a lot more than Discord. Ultimately, it's probably the cost of this that is killing it more than anything else. Sigh AJ
  11. 12 Things You Can Do to Avoid Game Burn-out

    @Tuschunreal Thanks for the kind words. I've always tried to give advice on how to have fun without the drama.
  12. Pros and Cons of Magic Residences

    700 diamonds, you will find, is not much. I think I'd combine the advice above and try to increase my diamonds faster than the rate of increase for the magic residences as you go up each chapter. If that sounds confusing, it is, even to me, who wrote it. The cost of magic residences goes up...
  13. show/hide bldgs

    One thing I love about this (and I do love it), is that your expired building now have their own color -- a sort of dark grey -- and are, therefore, easy to spot. I used to stumble upon them from weeks before and kick myself because there was 4 squares I could have used! Great feature.
  14. It worked for StarTrek

    Aj (Ajqtrz)
  15. Silly question

    It's been an ongoing discussion and sometimes battle, but the star system only reflects the cost of the goods to produce. Their value is dependent on how badly you need them and what you want to pay for them. Thus, there are no unfairness if you offer a zero star trade and I take it since the...
  16. OMG Tonga is real

    Crackie has a vivid imagination? I thought everything crackie said was real!
  17. How do I find Elvenar in Discord?

    I have already joined Discord and joined the Elvenar server. The link seems to assume I'm a new person just showing up. The link takes you to the invitation by Astram because that's where it takes you. It, obviously, does no checking to see if you have already joined. That tells me it...
  18. How do I find Elvenar in Discord?

    Takes me to a place where I'm invited to join. I though you only had to join once? AJ
  19. How do I find Elvenar in Discord?

    It's kind of funny but when I go to Discord and am not logged in it takes me to a server search page. I put in Elvenar and "not found," comes up. The way I get there, or did at first, was to start clicking on things until I found somebody, somewhere, on the Elvenar server (usually in my DM...
  20. Has Inno finally lost the plot?

    That can happen even if it isn't the game that is the problem. Games usually use more bandwidth, and thus, if your bandwidth is fluctuating it will show up in the games first....and, sadly, get worse over time until the core problem is found and fixed. So while everything else mentioned is...