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Search results

  1. I'm tired of guest races

    Can I suggest that you try in one of your cities. Try different things and see how they work. Try different setups and see how they work. Maybe you find one that makes you not hate it so much and you can move all your cities onward.
  2. Update Elvanar Error/Issue?

    Some have said you can just delete data and cache and then long into live. I had to delete elvenar app reinstall and then login to live server. Do not go to beta as it will screw you up again. Answer in beta forums was we would have to wait at least the weekend for a fix.
  3. The Cauldron is complete garbage... Change my mind!

    Spend a minute or two on clicking to get some extra goods or combat help. That is not garbage. Don't have to optimize, or even look at percentages. Just click and let it happen. Maybe get something good, maybe not. But you get something that is not garbage
  4. How fast can you do the spire?

    I'm guessing the first 8 seconds must have bothered you the most
  5. City movement

    If you really want to be moved, put in a request. State it here. Message the moderator here who can help move you along. Put in a ticket.
  6. Server Error

    Yeah, posted and five minutes later it's up for me
  7. Server Error

    Was on mobile beta and when switching to main city I got the internal error. Went on laptop and was able to log into main city. Tried switching to beta city and connection refused. So now locked out of both.
  8. Chapter 20, The Power of Music - Discussion

  9. News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Or they could have given us nothing. Just an extra week off. Then you would have gotten nothing. So keep complaining about free gifts for playing the way you normally play
  10. A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    With 11days left I am over 260 and have full set. Multiple posts have told you how and websites to look at to achieve this. If you continue to ignore the advice of others who succeed and you just complain, how are we to take you seriously.
  11. A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    So seriously, how many times a day do you think that you should have to login and collect tokens around the city so that you would get the full set? That way I can show the math.
  12. A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    I'm at 237 with 13 days and 16 quests to go, with ZERO DIAMOND SPENT. 260 is not even a question. If I'm totally unlucky and lazy I see 300 easy. Chance at 360. It's not hard to get the full set if you use strategy and collect 20-30 daily outside your city. I have only used the two trades...
  13. A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    I'm at 83 gems, 19 quests and three days into event. It's all about strategy and not getting bad luck. On target for over 300, maybe 340. Let me post again what trades you should be doing. If you are looking to get the full set main prize or just most rewards there are only 5 trades you...
  14. A Gateway into the Past - Discussion

    If you are looking to get the full set main prize or just most rewards there are only 5 trades you should use. Trash the others and wait the 30 minutes. First do not do any of the trades in the first/top slot. They are not worth it. For the five first do both trades with 20% chance of lucky...
  15. News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    Short answer is that you will see three trades from items on your board. From top to bottom we are calling these slot 1,2,3. The "optimal" trades are in slot 2. There are four different trades per slot(meaning prizes and percentages). The slot2 trade with 20% chance of cards is best for full...
  16. Ghost in a Bottle NPC name

    When you read the little speeches about the badges, the NPC's name is listed at the top for all the badges except for the Ghost in the Bottle one. This is mobile only since PC version does not list them.
  17. World map Centers

    Well the gold mines are slowly creeping up on me. Think I'm at 32 now. I hope that I'm never moved. So much easier giving daily help for gold and I get more that enough in supplies.
  18. News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    That was suppose to be Karvest. Damn autocorrect.
  19. News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!

    iDavis and harvest have already done it. The best for set is the second trade where cards are %20. Best for daily prizes is second trade with 15% chance with 22-26 points used. Truthfully, if you just use those two as they show up, you will get set and most dailies. It's just how much you...
  20. Basic goods, maybe not so basic

    There are 9 basic goods. Marble, steel, planks, moonstone, platinum, tree gum, primordial minerals, ignited ingots and scholarly sprouts. But then the quest does say buildings, so I withdraw my objection