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Search results

  1. Serena McTavish

    Where art thou, Gingerbread?

    I got one yesterday!! Woohoo!
  2. Serena McTavish

    Feedback Version 1.181

    I just got a gingerbread base in my S&D ch city!! its been over a year since i started this city. I don't know if it's been available in crafter but took that long to show up or they finally listened and made it available. Either way, I'm happy to finally get it.
  3. Serena McTavish

    Cannot Reproduce My city is zooming out again

    I'm on a samsung tab s3, running android 9 and the latest elevenar app release. I have random zoom in problems. Reading the reports above made me wonder if they typically play zoomed in. I usually play fully zoomed out. This might account for them getting random zoom outs and i get random zoom...
  4. Serena McTavish

    changes to the MA offerings

    How about cranking out a few and shoot them over to my khel city ;-)
  5. Serena McTavish

    changes to the MA offerings

    Has anyone seen festival merchants in crafting? I've got a S&D ch city that needs them but i haven't seen one in ages. All I'm getting are those new 1x1s . They are flooding the crafter and there is no way I'm spending 4 RRs on them. I even spent 5 or so sips trying to flip the crafter, but...
  6. Serena McTavish

    New Spire of Eternity rewards - discussion thread

    Hey Lisa, if u have it in inventory or in city you won't get it for crafting. If i get enough artifacts, i have sold the base and crafted another to evolve. But if you have 2, like i have 2 nimble then you can't sell them and get them back because you are limited to one. The exception to...
  7. Serena McTavish

    Feedback Version 1.181

    SAME in live server. Never seen a gingerbread base in over a year. I crafted all bases in my new city and if i don't have artifacts , i recraft each ch. I get those back fairly quickly- usually 2 weeks or less including the fire phoenix base.
  8. Serena McTavish

    Need answers

    Shocking hahaha, i never equated that green wreath to the ring count. I was always wondering how far out i was and didn't feel like manually counting. Ive been playing for 3 years . Lol
  9. Serena McTavish

    Silver level

    Hahaha. I thought the same thing
  10. Serena McTavish

    Best Basic Goods Evolvable building?

    I love this set. I was lucky enough to get a 2nd plaza bldg . Those two plaza produce an awesome amount of mana. I don't have this set in my newer city and i hope they have another opportunity to get this set for younger cities
  11. Serena McTavish

    Other Do something about useless artifacts.

    I was able to get several bases in my newer city fully evolved from the 6 week rotations n the spire or get it close enough to where i only needed to craft a couple or live with it not fully evolved. I also will put out lv1 bases in that newer city if i want the effect then recraft each chapter...
  12. Serena McTavish

    Match the orcs contest

    When i click on enter contest, it says that i don't have permission. Anyone else experience this? @-Solaris-
  13. Serena McTavish

    Feedback The Season of Triumph

    Certainly not at 5x5. Nope...
  14. Serena McTavish

    Where art thou, Gingerbread?

    My Khel city is in ch 9. I craft every base just to get them out of rotation. I have never been offered a gingerbread base in that city. That city is just over a year old. In my elcy city, if i delete or sell a base it usually takes a month or less to show back up in rotation.
  15. Serena McTavish

    Floral Awakening

    I finally got one
  16. Serena McTavish

    Floral Awakening

    Finally got one, now to get gothic one!
  17. Serena McTavish

    Floral Awakening Event starts Thursday

    In opera, it's under the three dot menu. Every browser had its own menu but it should be under the browser menu
  18. Serena McTavish

    Floral Awakening Event starts Thursday

    It's Italian. You can click on translate and it will convert ti English
  19. Serena McTavish

    Consolidate KP donation buttons in AW contribution window

    I've made changes to the voting and expanded the suggestion to accommodate the idea of adding a button instead of merging the two. I removed the voting visibility. Anyone can change their vote. I don't expect this to have any impact as far as getting it forward but i wanted all this to be...
  20. Serena McTavish

    Consolidate KP donation buttons in AW contribution window

    well all along i thought it popped up between. I'll pay more attention and think about how that would work. I'll fix the edit. I've also been thinking about alternate solutions to the type in button. I can add all that for historical purposes. Maybe somewhere down the line it can be revived...