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Search results

  1. Where have all the Steel players gone?

    All that assuming they follow the same pattern...history indicates that it's more likely it comes even more slowly than that. I'm surprised not only that Inno is letting us promote units past 3*, but also that they gave us three of them to start off. That's pretty generous for development that's...
  2. Where have all the Steel players gone?

    Once players are advanced enough to produce sentient (and now ascended) goods, that can somewhat help to fill any voids in production. Each new sentient and ascended good unlocked effectively allows production of the basic version of that good as well via the decay mechanic. It's indirect, sure...
  3. Connection issues

    Weird, when I couldn't access the game earlier I also couldn't reach the forums. The rest of you folks were able to log in here even while the game was unreachable?
  4. Elvarian Games discussion

    You probably won't get your answer from folks on the forums. The playerbase at large has a wholly different mindset from the ones who typically hang out around here.
  5. Elvarian Games discussion

    Maybe grand prizes from events should come exclusively from the event questlines? Like have enough quest milestones to provide each building if it's a set, or the building plus all 9 artifacts if it's an evolving building. League rewards and the prizes from playing an event can all be extra...
  6. Elvarian Games discussion

    I was in the middle of typing up a reply admitting that the productions are at least fairly large to make up for only being a single-production building, but after comparing them to my other buildings I'm still only mixed at best. The supply production is lower than a workshop from the...
  7. How to Fight in Easy Provinces Again

    Heh, I definitely need my armories. I've got 7 of them and I still only barely have my training time long enough to last until I get home from work in the afternoon. In any case, again, there's no relation between squad size and training. Those are two distinct mechanics. Armories affect...
  8. Elvarian Games discussion

    Heh, so having a switchable production is the justification Inno decided to go with for finally backsliding to the point where an evolving building now only provides a single production. I knew it was going to happen eventually, but I'll admit I didn't expect having the option to pick what the...
  9. update v1.134 discussion

    Still waiting for Armories to get the 'set all productions' option on the browser version. Even if I'm the only player who cares, I'm gonna keep bringing it up until it happens!
  10. Moonstone Library in the spire

    21 Endless Scrolls 45 Gum Trees 48 Mana Plants 25 Moonstone Gates 17 Moonstone Libraries I imagine I could get quite a lot out of these if I actually needed what they produce...although if I'm being honest, if I built anything it'd be for the Tree Gum and Bismuth lol
  11. Moonstone Library in the spire

    Oh, so you're using time boosters on crafting then? That must be the difference! I usually don't since most of the time there's only one thing per selection that I want. That being said, I craft every rainbow cage, troop booster, 10+ KP, and pet food I see...if more than one of those are in the...
  12. Moonstone Library in the spire

    Don't get me wrong, I do plenty of crafting! Pretty much always crafting something. Does it have to do with Spire performance? Along with the rest of my FS, I full clear the Spire each week so I've no shortage of catalysts and spell fragments, plus the diamonds coming in from there. I don't...
  13. How to Fight in Easy Provinces Again

    I even see this misunderstanding in my own FS. Players think having longer training times/training more troops at once has some relation to battle difficulty or is even a bad thing. I...don't see how it is. Armories don't affect the amount of troops trained in a given amount of time, which is...
  14. Moonstone Library in the spire

    That's the thing. Remember that I said all of my Moonstone stuff is in my inventory (and after counting, it turns out I have enough pieces to build 17 complete sets with a lot of extra little bits). I've never had more than a single set, the first full one I completed, in my city. I even removed...
  15. Moonstone Library in the spire

    Man, I must be missing something based on the excitement here. I've got probably a dozen Moonstone sets rotting in my inventory from the past because I don't really see a benefit to having them right now...
  16. Accurate squad information

    I'd really like for battles that use non-standard squad sizes to display accurate damage and health totals for my units in the encounter overview screen. Tournaments and the Spire make up most of my battles, but the unit information displayed for these encounters is effectively useless since the...
  17. v1.132 discussion

    Uh...did the notice for this update seriously get posted AFTER the update was already live? Says it was scheduled for the 24th, but the notice is dated the 27th...someone get their dates wrong or something?
  18. How many staffs do you still need?

    I'm 9 staves away with 5 quests left to complete plus uh...3 daily bonuses and whatever I pick up around my city? I'm definitely going to complete the set. I hit the knowledge prizes several times while I was selecting beacons. Not sure whether I was 'lucky' with them or not, all I know is I got...
  19. Dilemma! Phoenix or Magic Upgrades

    I wouldn't mind using BPs to craft stuff. Magic buildings are always available from the Spire, so that can be an avenue to 'upgrade' magic buildings as well for anyone who's willing to wait to get lucky enough to win them.
  20. Which Building(s) Do You Recommend for Mana and Seeds

    The only way I've found to see an actual timer that keeps track of the decay for resources is by hovering over a resource cost for a building upgrade or a research. Then you'll see a box like this pop up: The timer's there at the bottom. I don't know where else it can be seen, and it's...