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Search results

  1. Thistleknot

    How to be successful in Ch 17 and beyond?

    I haven't read the forums in a long time and I admit that I was unaware of the impact of the changes to the tournaments. Since I have been playing since 2015, I have seen a lot of changes, both good and bad. I have been in the debates that flamed hot over changes that lead to people leaving...
  2. Thistleknot

    Chapter After Elementals?

    There is actually a race built into the troops that could be explored - the Vallorians. The lizard folk could be rather interesting and I loved to explore their history. Another interesting possibility would be to have an insectoid race. The influential architecture of a race of intelligent...
  3. Thistleknot

    The Trader and The World

    There is no direct line from the world map to the trader. You must go to your city before entering the trader.
  4. Thistleknot

    Recruiting Frustrations

    I'm the recruiter for my fellowship. On our page, it currently states that you should be able to produce Tier 2 goods, have a score of 1000 points, and to send an email to me. The first two requirements could easily be misunderstood by a new player. Not everyone knows what a Tier 2 good is...
  5. Thistleknot

    Fellowship Adventure

    I did not see this thread. Might have saved me about 15 minutes if I had. o_O oh well.
  6. Thistleknot

    Seeds vs Mana - Event Building Question

    I'm currently in Elementals. I do have 17 Ancient Wonders that have an average level of 5. So far I have more trouble getting mana than I do seeds. I think more things require mana than seeds. The technologies that need seeds are spaced out a bit so you have more time to collect them. At...
  7. Thistleknot

    Fellowship Adventure

    Just out of curiosity, I did some quick stats on the FA on Arendyll. We have 1621 fellowships listed. Of those, only 659 participated in the FA which is about 40%. Of the 659 participants, 367 fellowships made a minimal effort with 338 of those getting 500 points or less. To complete round...
  8. Thistleknot

    Unhappy w/rebooting, harder battles? What gives?

    I must be an unusual case. I research everything that I can. I have currently conquered 430 provinces. I continuously scout, but did slow down once I completed ring 14. I use auto-fight and catering as necessary, with the occasional manual fight. I tend to be fairly successful with...
  9. Thistleknot

    Manufactory Design Flaw in Elementals

    That kind of answer seems a bit short-sighted for the developers of a city-building game. Why would they put in a new feature late in the game that could stagnate the growth of a city? If they're in the process of revamping or removing the recycling quests, that's fine, but at least let people...
  10. Thistleknot

    Manufactory Design Flaw in Elementals

    I am referring to the cycling quests. New quest system? Interesting. Long way off. Well, I can wait.
  11. Thistleknot

    Manufactory Design Flaw in Elementals

    I am into the Elementals age and have researched six of the first seven technologies. As I have done all along, as I unlock technologies I will start upgrading the buildings associated with those technologies. In addition, I try to do the quests as they come up and only skip quests that I...
  12. Thistleknot

    Tired of everything getting bigger and bigger

    I play Forge of Empires for a while before playing Elvenar. Size of buildings and the number of building required did become an issue for me in FOE. For the most part, building size has not been a major issue. It definitely has made things challenging at times to squeeze in everything that I...
  13. Thistleknot

    1 KP contributions - really sad

    Part of the problem that I have is keeping track of where I happen to drop a KP off. If I had an in-game list of AWs that I donated to, it would be easier to go back and donate more KP. Of course, that would make it easier for snipers to try to swoop in for a last second treasure grab. Pros...
  14. Thistleknot

    Fellowship Adventures - Success or Fail?

    My fellowship did not perform well this time for multiple reasons. Some were our fault and some were the game design. Timing seemed to be an issue. We had a few computer issues, including the Archmage's crashing and needing to be replaced. Many of the upper echelon were busy with real life...
  15. Thistleknot

    1 KP contributions - really sad

    This is not cheating. This is really a risk versus reward scenario. I'm giving you a single KP in hopes that others do not give more so that I get a nice reward. Nothing wrong with this. And easily remedied if you are in a fellowship. Just send out a email stating something like: "About to...
  16. Thistleknot

    Archmage has disappeared. How to turn over control to another member?

    Now that you mention it, we did lose a few players in the transition. Like you said, players have to be active to move to a new fellowship.
  17. Thistleknot


    Scouting and combat have changed a lot since I first started, but here are a few things that might help. First let me give you a bit of background for context. I research everything. I fight and negotiate as necessary when conquering a province. I conquer provinces to get expansions. I have...
  18. Thistleknot

    Archmage has disappeared. How to turn over control to another member?

    I guess my group was too impatient. We talked for a couple days amongst ourselves, appointed a new archmage, and came up with a new name altogether. Then we moved everyone (probably around 20 people) over to the new fellowship. That was over two years ago and we're still going strong.
  19. Thistleknot

    Winter Event - Not a total loss

    In general, the prizes are balanced differently. Most of the culture/pop buildings have more culture and less population than buildings of similar size from previous events. I haven't done a lot of research into it, but most people seem to think that all of the bonuses on buildings from this...
  20. Thistleknot

    Granite and Copper

    Based on another post that I saw, it should be a 2-day production in the Copper Foundry.