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Search results

  1. iamthouth

    Expansions Question

    @BrinDarby 47 now with Ch21. 6 start, 59 research, 67 province, 47 Premium, total 179 in a 13x14 grid (182). So grid possibly sufficient for Ch22 as well, but likely expands to 14x14.
  2. iamthouth

    New Game Features 6 & 12 Hour Option

    The issue with 12 hrs, like we have for Orc production in Armories, is that cumulatively you quickly end up having to skip a cycle. If you have to skip a 3hr cycle, that's ok, but skipping 6 or 12 hour productions hurts resource production more.
  3. iamthouth

    Elvenarcitect City Planner

    @Trillian Like this
  4. iamthouth

    Magic Academy offerings

    I've seen Festival Merchant a couple times in the last days.
  5. iamthouth

    Feedback Chapter 21 - The Vallorian Legend

    When it first launched I thought VST would be useful, but then having reached end of chapters, you don't actually need unurium for anything, so I'm not going to build it. I keep well alive on unurium between chapters from Boblins Express Service and Steam Golem. When a new chapter launches I can...
  6. iamthouth


    @SuNaya Dark continue to hoard Orcs, as requirements increase with each chapter, and some chapters are Orc intensive, and will deplete large stocks. They are also required in Spire and Tournament when catering. Your Orc Warriors and Orc Strategists you should use whenever fighting.
  7. iamthouth

    Recruiting Opening: Shangri-La (Rank 2, Gold Spire, 16 chest tournament)

    Shangri-La, ranked no 1 on US6, wanting 1 more player please, replacing retiring player. Seeking Ch19, 20 or 21, Gold Spire, 4K+ tournament, 2 mill+ score. In return you get 275 diamonds a week, 16-18 chests in tournament, a friendly, helpful mature group, with no drama, and fast clearing...
  8. iamthouth

    Feedback Chapter 21 - The Vallorian Legend

    @MichaelMichael yes, but I was rushing the chapter, so also used time instants where I could. I had calculated exactly what I needed, so stopped producing after that, but that was close to the end. I also had leftover portal profits. No prey produced.
  9. iamthouth

    Feedback Chapter 21 - The Vallorian Legend

    I completed it with 146 expansions, and had the full 9+9 settlement buildings at lvl 4. But I did remove most manufactories, and all but one armory.
  10. iamthouth

    Is an end game city better going to full negotiating in tournaments instead of fighting??? What do you think?

    So I followed my own suggestion and also recorded catering costs. I completed the first 15 provinces times 6 rounds, which is 4050 points. I had already done province 1.1, but those costs are minor. For future reference, this was a Marble Tournament. Total costs for 15x6 at the top. 15 levels...
  11. iamthouth

    Is an end game city better going to full negotiating in tournaments instead of fighting??? What do you think?

    @Dadnaz I've also finished chapter 21. I cater the spire to lvl 12, but fight as much as I can in tournament. To grow my tournament score I think will need to improve my fighting wonders instead, rather than go harder through catering. The cost to cater is really high in tournament levels, 100K...
  12. iamthouth


    In order left to right, and circle back, each unit is strong agains the next two, and weak against the previous two.
  13. iamthouth

    Ancient Wonders losing power in the later chapters

    I don't quite follow why you are comparing to provinces or main hall level, but interested to learn more. Whilst those are determinants of outputs of some wonders, I don't see the relevance to compare over chapters, it is fine if that changes over time. This game is about space constraints. My...
  14. iamthouth

    Chapter 17 question

    If you are looking for maximum diplomas for the Cauldron, it no longer matters in the end. I have finished every single research, mandatory and skippable.
  15. iamthouth

    Feedback Chapter 21 - The Vallorian Legend

    Yes, the Antique Shop is definitively on my list to build, I'm accumulating the runes now. It will outdo Festival Merchants per tile per hour on lvl 2, and outdo Dragon Rock Gorge on Lvl 3.
  16. iamthouth

    Too Much KP Purchase

    End of Ch21
  17. iamthouth

    Feedback Chapter 21 - The Vallorian Legend

    @Darielle I only had Magic Residences, so can't comment on the regular residences sorry. 16 Magic at first, then down as low as 9 towards the end, but that was all enough.
  18. iamthouth

    Feedback Chapter 21 - The Vallorian Legend

    Not until the third last, "A Grove and Hideout". I don't yet have the Scouts Tavern. Seeds was less required compared to Mana and Unurium, but still needed for sentient goods of course, which is needed for settlement resources, and upgrading of buildings. @Darielle You've reminded me I forgot...
  19. iamthouth

    Feedback Chapter 21 - The Vallorian Legend

    Ch21 done, all research, all quests. 20 days total, rushing. I did employ the Cauldron boost strategy for Mana mentioned by @Enevhar Aldarion , it is a good one. I was lucky to have a Mana rune as well, with +70% boosts. And then daily Builder Hut boosts at +20%. @Dhurrin Yes I did teleport...
  20. iamthouth

    Open Ch21 Quest 83 - Create Enchantments undercounts creations

    Seems that way, single created and collected, moved counter by 1. That is not consistent with the quest text.