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  1. The Fairy

    Guest Races Guest Races

    Future of this Scroll Because Inno has announced that this forum will close down I have copied the content of this scroll to a google document to keep it accessible for everyone: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bzLYMWMdS__zYz6ALGSXlHGtWKJwkf6ZqoWMg_1tqZw/edit?usp=sharing
  2. The Fairy

    Guest Races Guest Races

    Chapter 21: The Vallorian Legend Main links Wiki Introduction: Official introduction to the guest race and overview of the guest race buildings. iDavis Guest Race Info: Quest list and other information from iDavis. Italian Guide from Cavalieri Dello Zombiaco: A guide in Italian covering...
  3. The Fairy

    Contest Discussion Thread

    Agree with @crackie. I personally didn't enter this contest because I hoped to win diamonds but because I thought my cake was fun, so I didn't expect to win anything, I just wanted to have fun. But sadly this fun has been destroyed :( As has much of my forum experience lately :(
  4. The Fairy

    Separate Knowledge Points Chain Message Envelope

    I assumed the runes where included but I may be wrong.
  5. The Fairy

    The Anthill™: The Mandible Mansion of Munchies

    Don't worry Crackie, we have lots of to help you read :p
  6. The Fairy

    No Workshops and Fresh Supplies

    I have 5 magic ws spelled with PoP spells daily in my chapter 19 city which mostly fights - I need a LOT of supplies to train all those troops...
  7. The Fairy

    Separate Knowledge Points Chain Message Envelope

    My solution is to join fellowships that don't use swap threads but instead use wonder society or net zero. Then there are only 2 kp threads :)
  8. The Fairy

    Cauldron Recipes

    And if you like me (and probably like most other players) don't want to spend diamonds then there are 495 different combinations of which 8 ingredients that are available each week. So you can multiply your number of recipes with 495.
  9. The Fairy

    Cauldrons 101

    Thanks AJ. And I will work on a document, but with FA approaching I most likely won't have much time to write it right now....
  10. The Fairy

    Cauldrons 101

    I feel many are over-complicating the cauldron, it really isn't necessary with all this math to use the cauldron! And I fear all this math scares many away from using the cauldron, which I think is a shame:( On the other hand I don't think ready-made recipes are available (maybe unless you...
  11. The Fairy

    Chapter 16 : Batch the Amendments and Save Tiles.

    @Gkyr I have linked to your post from my guest race scrolls: https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/guest-races.31231/post-259886
  12. The Fairy

    Heads up!!! My runes disappeared

    Have you reloaded your city?
  13. The Fairy

    Chapter 17

    But if it doesn't have a name how should the Dragon Ark then refer to it ;)
  14. The Fairy

    Chapter 19 Tower of Light expiration question.

    Yes, you still get the matter. You also get the matter if you sell the tower before it is done being built.
  15. The Fairy

    Workaround a Quest

    Couldn't you just teleport the one back you had already leveled? Those quests are usually finished when I get them as I have already upgraded my WS when I get the quest.
  16. The Fairy

    Workaround a Quest

    If the ws are magic you may only need 2, I am not sure though.
  17. The Fairy

    Orcs after Elementals chapter

    Yes, if you have the Pyramid wonder from chapter 13.
  18. The Fairy

    The Great Excavation (Amuni 2023) - Discussion

    I am almost only buying the 80 package, that one seems to work fine for me.
  19. The Fairy

    Cauldrons 101

    Karvest on the beta forum has made a spreadsheet that can do this. It is in Excel though, so I haven’t used it. https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/the-cauldron.18155/post-112433 What I do instead is to use his table which shows how the different ingredients affect the different...
  20. The Fairy

    Cauldrons 101

    Katwich, I don’t think I understand your numbers. I have a city with 7 diplomas, so I tried adding the ingredients you suggest: I get 41.3% chance to trigger TG strength. If I read your table correctly then you get 46%? And I can’t make this recipe. Partly because I refuse to spend diamonds...