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Search results

  1. Fayeanne

    Just Some Newbie Observations

    I used to use tournaments for this, back when their squad sizes were so tiny that losses were negligible. Even now, the first few encounters in tournaments--and the first four encounters in the Spire--aren't too bad in terms of losses. Though not as nice as before.
  2. Fayeanne

    Whispers of Souls first quest

    Also, for what it's worth: in my experience clicking on gold mines on the world map also counts for those quests. However, you probably can't do that until you research Neighborly Help?
  3. Fayeanne

    Peace in Elvenar

    I'm enjoying the quiet as well. Though for some reason I keep reflexively scrolling around to the outer edges of my city looking for things to click on...
  4. Fayeanne

    It worked for StarTrek

  5. Fayeanne

    News from Discord - May Contain Info!

    I wonder when this is going to make it in... All of the other advertised changes are now live (along with a few unannounced ones) but not this one.
  6. Fayeanne

    News from Discord - May Contain Info!

    Yaay! Thanks for posting these! This is very helpful.
  7. Fayeanne

    Feedback Autumn Zodiac event

    At least it's collect the coins, then use them to buy KP. As opposed to some past events which had things like "Spend 10 KP" and then the very next quest "Buy 10 KP."
  8. Fayeanne

    Feedback Autumn Zodiac event

    Oo, the stage 1 base of the evolving building is beautiful! Can we get that graphic as a standard building? :D
  9. Fayeanne

    Floral Awakening

    In the last four or five events, Silver league didn't even hit 260 or if it did, only just barely. It appears that the intention is that only 5% of the players complete the set/building. The others who finish all of the event quests receive 8 artifacts (or are missing 1 building in the set)...
  10. Fayeanne

    Seasons of Joy task showing completed without taking any action

    I can verify that the daily reward (that is, the event daily currency) is, at least, one that does trigger this. Several times I have logged in to see what the screen shot shows, and the "Finish" button does not show up until I actually claim the daily reward.
  11. Fayeanne


    Specifically, "Complete a Province" means finish all 8 encounters in the province so that you get the completion rewards ("You must complete X more provinces to unlock a new expansion for your city" type of thing) and the province can no longer be entered from the world map. Yes, if you already...
  12. Fayeanne

    The Cauldron is complete garbage... Change my mind!

    That's part of the sequence of tutorial side-quests that pop up right after you research the Cauldron. They're all declineable (so probably many people simply declined them all and don't remember them). Anyway, yes, that quest is asking for you to research any technology. It is trying to teach...
  13. Fayeanne

    Does Selling AWs Decrease Battle Difficulty?

    And then take it one step further--after that week, sell the level 1 Wonder and don't make any other changes to your city and see if the cost goes back down the week after.
  14. Fayeanne

    No longer "need" Endless Excavation?

    I'm seriously considering selling mine in one city (and already sold it a while ago in another). I almost always have more supplies than I know what to do with, so while the supplies help sometimes during events to get past quests that want lots of supplies (while my Workshops are tied up...
  15. Fayeanne

    Season of joy event

    So, uh, what exactly is this trying to say? At least it's not awesome?
  16. Fayeanne

    stream errors and general performance 4.22

    For me, the browser version was unplayable this morning. I was able to mostly connect via the app version. I was assuming it was my internet, though everything else seemed to be working well enough. Maybe a major internet backbone was down somewhere? It all seems to be fine now, however.
  17. Fayeanne

    Open | In progress Persistent display Error on mobile

    I wonder (pure speculation here!) if this is a bandwidth/RAM/device limitation issue. I remember reading a while back the developers stating that the reason why many mobile devices do not animate the buildings is because of the limitations of the device (I'm guessing either not enough RAM or not...
  18. Fayeanne

    skip quests in ch 20

    I'm pretty sure it means reach exactly level 3, not over, not under. (The wording of the dialogue of the quest giver implies this as well.) If the original poster has 180% presently, this indicates the requirement to complete the quest is to remove/consume enough culture to get to level 3 (150%...
  19. Fayeanne

    Anyone notice sentient goods not decaying into standard?

    I just tested this overnight with my city in Constructs. The before/after is showing that decay is working at least for Sentient Goods. The Sentient Goods decayed and I did also receive the Standard Goods that they decayed into. I don't have a city with Ascended Goods to test with.
  20. Fayeanne

    Return of the repeatable quests!

    Just as a note: In one of my cities I still had the Cauldron tutorial questline active, so there was no repeatable quest in that city (because normally such tutorial quests take the place of the repeatable quests). However, as soon as I finished all of the Cauldron quests, one of those old...