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Search results

  1. aerosols, wax, flying powder

    So, memory fails. I ask questions. How do I determine what my boosted goods are for " ethereal aerosols', "wonder wax" and " finest flying powder" ? My apologies for any disturbance to the force. I'm positive I've already posted this query, but it has been moved or deleted. Maybe I can...
  2. what's the boost building

    Memory fails, So I ask questions. How do I determine what buildings give me a boost for "ethereal aerosols", "wonder wax" or " finest flying powder". Apologies for any disturbance in the force.
  3. slow?

    I got on game at about 8:30 am today and saw it was updating. I waited a few minutes and it completed. Now, my game is exceptionally slow. Why do I think it may be the update causing the issue or maybe my service is messing up. Any calls I make to complain to either one will likely blame...
  4. What is that flower thing

    Glad to see you guys are on top of this. Keep up the good work.
  5. What is that flower thing

    There is a "flower" sitting on a rock in the water just left of center that looks more like a guy in a flower suit. At least from what I can see. Anyone see better than me, please chime in with what it is.
  6. what makes primordial minerals

    OK don't anyone panic. I found it. Marble makes the stuff at level 33.
  7. what makes primordial minerals

    A while ago I found a thread laying out what makes what. Seem to have lost that thread so I have to ask, again. What manufactory (and at what level) makes "primordial minerals" . Thanks for any clues.
  8. baby elementals

    So. I get to see a side guy challenge to "breed 100 Baby Elementals". Sure would be nice to know what exactly those things are. I also need the name and home address of the individual who thought up that name - I need to call the POPE about that. He will then send out his goon squad and...
  9. what is "Exploration Equipment"?

    Saw this in one of the "season of dreams" quests. So, what is 'exploration equipment?
  10. trading new stuff not listed

    Thank you, Enerhar Aldaarion. Obvious to some, not to me apparently. Getting old means forgetting stuff
  11. trading new stuff not listed

    I''ve been looking around and I don't see any way to trade "ethereal aerosols", "wonder wax" or "finest flying powder". Am I missing something here?
  12. creatures of light (and) night

    Forget that last post. I just found it. Getting older means losing it.
  13. creatures of light (and) night

    Thank you Lelanya. That raises more questions, What is a Breeding Facility?
  14. creatures of light (and) night

    I got snarky with a player over a previous post and I owe apologies for that and I can't seem to say it enough. Now my question. I have looked through the Wiki (again) and failed to find my answers (again). What creates "Creatures of the light" and "Creatures of the Night". I'm missing...
  15. What makes what

    For Defiantoneks eyes Your response struck me as pretentious and snarky. I go snarky back. If I got the intent all wrong, then please accept my apologies.
  16. What makes what

    "your question was answered in the original thread, which was rightly moved to Questions and Help." That's real great. Maybe let me (and other people) know what you or others have done. That would be the "rightly" thing to do. I expect to see my post where I put it, NOT where sone anonymous...
  17. What makes what

    I need some clues please. I.ve looked all over (probably in all the wrong places) for clues as to what makes "White matter" and "Black matter. Thanks for any help.
  18. What makes what

    I need some clues please. I.ve looked all over (probably in all the wrong places) for clues as to what makes "White matter" and "Black matter" . Any help greatly appreciated. Before I waste resources on upgrading the wrong stuff, I'd like to know where to begin.
  19. Kicked out of my fellowship and feeling hurt

    Don't feel too bad. I was once summarily kicked out because I took a posted trade allegedly aimed for someone else. i was called greedy and then very quickly booted. I had no Idea that trades required permission before taking them. Life goes on and I am currently in a fellowship of 2 and no...
  20. WHY would you play a game and not participate...??

    You need to take a moment from your busy schedule and do your own version of math. Are those tournaments right for you? For some yes. absolutely. For others, not so much. Are resources being used worth any "prize"?