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Search results

  1. Glenndar

    Feedback Official Elvenar Discord server

    I have used Discord for another site to get information when the site was down. I hopped in, got the information and left. I didn't like using Discord. The complaint about the Forum is that "no one is using it" but I beg to differ. People are using the forum, they just don't have to log in to...
  2. Glenndar

    Poaching of players should be banned

    I've had people try to poach my players. They tell me and we just laugh. People leave if they want to leave and there's nothing you can do about it. I find, most of my players leave because they want gold Spire and 10 chests in every tournie, which I can't offer them right now. It's sad but I...
  3. Glenndar

    I get an error each time I try to expel a member from the Fellowship or try to change their rank.

    It seems to be resolved now. I was able to expel the member so all's good.
  4. Glenndar

    I get an error each time I try to expel a member from the Fellowship or try to change their rank.

    Thank you for your suggestion. I cleared my cache and tried again and I am still getting that error. I also logged in using my tablet (I play on desktop) and I am still getting the error. I have put in a ticket with tech support as suggested by Darielle and am waiting for a response.
  5. Glenndar

    I get an error each time I try to expel a member from the Fellowship or try to change their rank.

    Game version: __ 1.170.2 Game world: __ Khelonaar Browser + version: __ Firefox 110.0.1 Operating System: __ Windows Screen resolution: __ 1080 Account name: __ Glenndar Humans or Elves: _ Elves Happening now. I tried expelling a member out of the Fellowship and each time I get a pop up saying...
  6. Glenndar

    Aelinor Highlands - 6 players needed

    We are a friendly fellowship in need of active players. We want players who love playing tournie and who can reach the lab in the Spire. If that's you then message me for an invite. Thanks!
  7. Glenndar

    Ancient Wonder research full notification

    We have a mage in our Fellowship who does a shout out every Sunday of full AWs. This is really helpful. He does an awesome job. It would be nice if a pop up notice could be implemented.
  8. Glenndar

    Helping the Small to Medium players get blue prints

    I agree with @crackie. Too many players don't want to play the game. They just want things given to them. They complain about the game when in fact, they are just bad players and instead of learning to play the game better, they whine about the things they can't get easily.
  9. Glenndar

    Revised Rune Forging

    I wish they would come up with something, anything. We get so many shards in Tournament that go to the abyss because we already have ten. It really annoys me that I can't keep them. Why have a cap? Why can't we just keep them? If we have 10, forge a rune. If we have 20, forge two runes. Simple.
  10. Glenndar

    Ambassadors should not......

    I drop everyone down to fellow for the FA. I found that people are very eager to pull that flag and the first FA we played someone pulled the flag and then kept badgering me to choose a path even though, because of time difference, I was asleep. Woke up to flag pulled and people putting items on...
  11. Glenndar

    Aelinor Highlands is recruiting.

    Come join us! We are a very friendly fellowship. We get 8 chests weekly in the Tournament and are striving for 10. Help us reach our goal of 10 chests weekly. We get silver in the spire. Love those diamonds. :) We are top 50 in Fellowship Adventures (41 last FA). We also have weekly AW KP swaps...
  12. Glenndar

    Closed | Contact Support Game not loading - Server Error

    Thank you. I just tried Chrome and was able to get in.
  13. Glenndar

    Closed | Contact Support Game not loading - Server Error

    I contacted support but so far no word back. This seems to be a desktop issue. I can get on the game using my tablet. I still can't get on using my desktop. I prefer using my desktop so this really sucks.
  14. Glenndar

    Closed | Contact Support Game not loading - Server Error

    I haven't been able to play the game all day. I keep trying to log in and all I get is a server error message. This happened yesterday too but after some time I was able to log in. This time it is not opening at all. So from about noon to now at 7:35 I still get the same message. And yes, I have...
  15. Glenndar

    Hello =Hi there everyone.

    I just joined the forum and thought I'd say hello. I have been playing the game awhile now and think I have the hang of it. Sort of. Anyway I really enjoy this game and am looking forward to growing my city and having fun.
  16. Glenndar

    Aelinor Highlands Is Recruiting

    Hi there, Aelinor Highlands is recruiting new players. We are laid back players who just want to enjoy the game with no pressure. There is a 300 minimum for tournaments. That's easy to do weekly. Trades have to be at least one star. Give neighbourly help weekly. Thank you for considering this...